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Classic Mini Cooper Steering Columns, Locks & Cowlings

MINI Catalog Page 8-23
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Part No



21A1871 1
Inner column MK1 has recess for horn wires, No Longer Available
Use U-21A2069 and machine
21A2069 1
Inner column MK2
No steering lock - use U-21A2069
21A2437 1
Inner column when steering lock, NLA
Use FAM5285-MS
FAM5285 1
Inner column
Steering lock
FAM5285MS 1
Inner column, non genuine
Steering lock
NAM8527 1
Inner column and outer column complete
1985 on
FAM2406 1
Steering column top bush
Was 31G120
NAM8553 1
Steering column top bush
1985 on
GSV1127 1
Steering column lower felt bush
Was 21A998
NAM8563 1
Steering column lower bush
1985 on
21A2066 1
Outer steering column
Non steering lock pre 1976
21A2436 1
Outer steering column
With steering lock pre 1976
21A30 1
Rack to body seal
10  BH604111 1
Steering column lower pinch bolt
11  GHF331 1
Spring washer
12  GHF200 1
13  21A2463 1
Clip to body bracket
No longer Available
14  21A2666 1
Column to bracket clip
No Longer Available
15  51K4006 1
Column to clamp bolt
16  51K4002 2
Shear bolt, bracket to dash
17  21H295 1
Nut, bracket to column
18  21A2080 1
Actuator pin for indicators - non steering lock
No Longer Available
19  21H208 1
Plastic actuator clip, use 21A2661
No Longer Available
20  21A2661 1
Actuator for indicator switch.
No Longer Available
21  18G8892 1
Steering lock (key enters from side), R/H/D
No Longer Available
22  BHM7107 1
Steering lock (key enters in front of driver)
1976 on
23  51K4001 2
Steering lock shear bolt
24  8G6027 1
Plastic column cowl MK1
25  8G6035 1
Plastic column cowl MK2/3
No steering lock
25  18G8803 1
Plastic column cowl M2/3
No Longer Available
26  BHM7085 1
Plastic column cowl MK4
Twin stalks
26  BHM7361 1
Plastic column cowl MK4 grey
27  ACH6001 1
Steering wheel nut
28  53K3480 1
Shakeproof washer
29  21A2252 1
Mini motif for steering wheel
No Longer Available
30  21A2228 1
Clubman motif for steering wheel
No Longer Available
31  21A2324 1
1275GT motif for steering wheel
No Longer Available
32  27H6943 1
Horn Push Assembly With Button Mki Austin Mk1
Not Shown
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