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Classic Mini Mg Fuel Gauge 1964-on Magnolia Face

Classic Mini Mg Fuel Gauge 1964-on Magnolia Face

Classic Mini Mg Fuel Gauge 1964-on Magnolia Face
Part No: 13H2133MG
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
In 1964 the fuel gauge system was changed in the Mini (pre-64 cars did not have a voltage stabilizer). It is necessary to match the gauge with the tank sending unit and the supply voltage. If your fuel readings are way off -- always full or empty or 1/2 full -- you aren't matched! Same as the 13H2133 unit but in Magnolia face, not black.
I have a Mini 850 MK1 and need to replace the fuel gauge indicator. Is this part on your web is the correct one to buy? Also, the speedo casing has two plastic caps for the interior light Do you have these caps?

Here's the fuel gauge I believe you're looking for:



You may want to replace the voltage stabilizer just to be safe. This one is for positive ground cars only:



Negative ground cars use this one:



Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

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