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Aluminum Suspension Rear Trumpet Sportspack Models | Classic Mini
Part No: 21A1684S
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Aluminum reproduction rear trumpet as originally produced for the MPI with 13" wheels. It has the larger width cone spring base size of 3.7" with a fitted length of 12.4"(315mm) which is 7mm longer than some other factory parts all stamped 21A1684.

Also ideal for Mokes and believe it or not this length was used on Cooper S Mk1 with 10"wheels using BMC's own strut stamped MOWOG 21A1302 which had a 12.48" fitted lenth, but with early manufactured cone springs. With modern day suspension cones such as FAM3968EVO which do not sag but we cannot advise how high the suspension would be using this strut. Many cars were fitted with these during the 1980-90's which is why many cars sat high on the rear. Ratio is 5 to 1 on rear.

Fitted length is from cone spring seat base to knuckle joint end.

21A1684 made by Alucast originally was 308mm fitted length.

21A1684 made by JV murcott was 315mm fitted length.

21A1302 was 317mm fitted length

21A138 was 315.5 fitted length

Supplied singly it is advised to fit a matching pair only. 
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