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Rear Swaybar 5/8 1/4 Eliptic , Sprite , & Mg Midget 58-64

Rear Swaybar 5/8 1/4 Eliptic , Sprite , & Mg Midget 58-64

Rear Swaybar 5/8 1/4 Eliptic , Sprite , & Mg Midget 58-64
Part No: 221ADDCO
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget
Sway Bar, Black powder coated, Steel, Rear 5/8" in. Diameter for Sprite and Midget End link Kit included.

To be honest, most decisions made by the auto manufacturers are based on cost first and firmost. It's less expensive to manufacture and install smaller anti-sway bars, or leave them off completely! Sprite and Midget stock suspension does an adequate job in most situations. Where you may run into a problem is when you need to make a sudden lane change to avoid an accident or when you find that curve in the road is a little sharper than you thought. As your car begins to turn, the body will " roll" transferring weight to the outside wheels. This causes the front end to "plow", or what is technically known as understeer. The result - your vehicle wants to keep going straight and you may run out of road before you can regain control!


Sway Bar Diameter: 5/8"
Arm : 7.5"
Mid Section: 25"
Eye to eye: 26.5"

With the addition of an ADDCO anti-sway bar, body roll and understeer will be greatly reduced resulting in a safer, more balanced suspension.

Neutral Steer:
The front and rear of the vehicle will drift an equal amount and you will end up close to the starting point (actually, you will end up a little further out since the front and rear are drifting the same).

Front tire drift causes the vehicle to refuse to turn as sharply as the direction of the wheels are pointed. If the wheels and the throttle are held steady, the vehicle will make an ever widening circle.

Rear tire drift is greater than that of the front and the rear tends to "spin out". The vehicle will end up closer to the center of the circle because the rear tire drift changes the direction inward.

Tire Drift:
The transfer of weight to the outside front wheel with an inadequate front or rear bar distorts the tires so they actually drift sideways during cornering.

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Created: January 30, 2000
A car has "neutral" steering when while turning in tight circle at moderate speed the car will complete the circle at approximately the same position across the diameter of the circle. A car has "understeer" when turning on the same tight circle at the same moderate speed the diameter of the circle is increased because of the front wheels "pushing" out!