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Classic Austin Mini Upgraded Verto Flywheel For Mpi Injected Cars

Classic Austin Mini Upgraded Verto Flywheel For Mpi Injected Cars

Classic Austin Mini Upgraded Verto Flywheel For Mpi Injected Cars
Part No: C-AEG424
SALE Price $439.96
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Light steel outer section for Verto type assembly MPi cars.
For pre-injection Verto see C-AEG422. For SPi see C-AEG423.
Weighs approx. 8.84.bs. Effects of lightening rotating engine components: (0.5 x n2 x r2 + R2) / R2 n = total gear ratio (gear ratio x diff ratio) r = radius of gyration R = Radius of wheel/tyre This formula gives what accelerative weight the engine sees of the car per lb. Radius of gyration of a transverse engine's flywheel is approx. 3.75" So to determine "weight loss" for a flywheel weight of say 18 lb to 10 lb, the engine would see an overall weight loss of the car to accelerate in first gear of: 3.33 = 1st gear of 4 synchro 'S' box 3.44 = diff ratio (0.5 x (3.33 x 3.34)2 x 3.752 + 9.52) / 9.52 = (0.5 x 131.2 x 14.06 + 90.25) / 90.25 = 1012.59 / 90.25 = 11.22 lbs So for every 1 lb removed from the flywheel, the engine sees 11.22 lbs less to accelerate off of the total car. Therefore by lightening the flywheel by 8 lb, the engine sees a total reduction of the cars accelerative weight of 89.68 lb.
Reduction of rotating mass releases more power to accelerate the car as the engine sees less weight to accelerate. Considering for a Mini that a mere 1lb reduction in the rotating mass of the flywheel causes a loss of accelerative weight to the tune of around 12lb - the benefits of rotating mass reduction are obvious. The C-AEG423 weighs some 4lbs less than the standard item.
To extend it's range of superior quality, light-weight steel flywheels, Mini Spares has produced this component to give the later model, SPi Mini owner the benefits from such weight saving. This component has the flywheel sensor reluctor ring machined into the flywheel itself. However, it is NOT compatible with the standard injection diaphragm/spring. The standard unit is not strong enough to cope with increased power outputs so to maximise clamping pressure this component requires a different diaphragm. It is imperative the correct diaphragm/spring unit be used (see below for part numbers) as the trigger gaps in the reluctor ring will be in the wrong position if used with the standard diaphragm/spring. The result will be an engine that will not run.
It is also strongly advised that an up-rated clutch plate is used, but NOT the sintered race type.
THIS FLYWHEEL MUST USE AP CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE (GCK152AF) This flywheel must use THE ORIGINAL VALEO PRESSURE PLATE OR THE ENGINES WILL NOT START BECAUSE THE TIMING SLOT WILL BE OUT.For Twin point cars only USE C-AHT596 RACE/RALLY CLUTCH PLATE WITH CORRECT PRESSURE OR ORIGINAL 190MM PLATE or for real competition work see C-AHT600 sintered plate. This flywheel is machined to increase clamping pressure for better performance and help prevent potential clutch slip
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