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BMW Mini Cooper
Gear Kit Straight Cut Close Ratio 4 Sync Mini & Mini Cooper

Gear Kit Straight Cut Close Ratio 4 Sync Mini & Mini Cooper

Gear Kit Straight Cut Close Ratio 4 Sync Mini & Mini Cooper
Internet Price $1294.95
Part No: C-AJJ4014
Internet Price $1294.95
This is ideal for powerful road engines where a close ratio, low power absorbing gear set is required to enhance engine performance. The gear set includes first, second, third gears, laygear, first motion shaft and a reverse gear.

All our speed gears are manufactured using original Rover powertrain tooling. Please ensure you checkyour baulk rings for trueness as both genuine and MS are not as true as our C-22A1741 when fitting this gearkit.

Straight Cut Gear Kits
Straight Cut Gears Remote Type St Rod Change Pre-A+ Rod Change ‘A+’
Part Number for Kits C-AJJ4014 C-STN76 C-STN77
1st motion pre ‘A’ plus, 19 teeth C-22A1732 C-22A1732  
1st motion ‘A’ plus, 19 teeth     C-22A1732A
3rd Gear, 22 teeth C-22A1733 C-22A1733 C-22A1733
2nd Gear, 25 teeth C-22A1734 C-22A1734 C-22A1734
1st Gear, 29 teeth C-22A1735 C-22A1735 C-22A1735
Laygear, 15,19,23,25 teeth C-22A1737 C-22A1737  
‘A’ Plus Laygear     C-22A1737A
Reverse Gear rod Gear C-22A1736    
Rog Change Reverse Gear   C-STR303 C-STR303
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Created: October 30, 2000
Elsewhere we've considered what alternative standard production ratios are available - but that still leaves you with the power-consuming and limited-ratio alternatives helical tooth type gears. Not desirable in a competition orientated car. The solution to this comes in the form of several types of straight-cut gear sets
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