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Classic Mini Rear Radius Arm Tracking Shim | Stainless Steel

Classic Mini Rear Radius Arm Tracking Shim | Stainless Steel

Classic Mini Rear Radius Arm Tracking Shim | Stainless Steel
Part No: CK17
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
There are various options available from various sources to combine adjustability for camber and tracking of the rear suspension. Although functional they can be cumbersome to use, require specialist measuring equipment where frequent changes are required (as in circuit race use) and don't always offer ultimate location, strength and integrity once the desired tracking setting is achieved. For these reasons, the best solution to the problem is to use MS70 adjustable camber only brackets for positive camber adjustment and location and these specially manufactured shim plates to alter tracking. Manufactured in 0.028" stainless steel they are inserted between the vertical face of the outer radius arm bracket and the subframe. These shims give permanent settings and ultimate strength, yet can easily be added/removed as required. By how much the shims alter the tracking can be best assessed in the workshop. Once the amount of change per shim is noted, it allows ease of use for racers at the track. They can also be used to correct/alter tracking on standard cars with standard radius arm brackets. The CK17 shims have a 2.25" distance between center lines of the bolt clearance slots. One shim gives approximately 10' (ten minutes - part of a degree) of tracking adjustment. For road-used cars, it is strongly advised to have a slight amount of toe-in at the rear wheels for stability. Toe out should be avoided at all costs on cars not used for motor-sport as it will give strong over-steer tendencies.

These shims alter tracking as follows:

10" wheel rim diameter - adds approx. 0.028"/0.7mm toe-out to the reading.

12" wheel rim diameter - adds approx. 0.32"/0.81mm toe-out to the reading.

13" wheel rim diameter - adds approx. 0.038"/0.97mm toe-out to the reading.

So if the tracking is 0.040" toe in, adding a shim will reduce that to approximately 0.012".
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