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Fuel Tank, Large 9.5 Gallon Capacity, Morris Minor

Fuel Tank, Large 9.5 Gallon Capacity, Morris Minor

Fuel Tank, Large 9.5 Gallon Capacity, Morris Minor
Part No: FUL101A
Fits the following:
Morris Minor
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Fuel Tank / Petrol Tank-Saloon/Traveller-Large Capacity 9.5 Gallons. Finished in Black Powder Coating MMC Bath Ltd. with ESM have the tooling for the large capacity fuel tank previously manufactured by Hadrian. These tanks to date have never been fitted with internal baffles nor drain plugs, both of which have now been added to their spec (three internal baffles are fitted evenly across the tank). The drain plug, as was part of the original Minor's spec, is particularly useful now with fuel often becoming stale following periods of storage as well as for removing fuel in preparation for welding and the use of roll over jigs.PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE INCREASED CAPACITY THE SPARE WHEEL WILL NEED TO BE RELOCATED.The aperture that the fuel tank fits into may need to be modified due to the slightly larger size of the tank.
Looking to perhaps install this larger gas tank to my Traveller. Couple questions: 1. What specific modifications have to be made when mounting? 2. Does it use the standard sending unit for the gas gauge? 3. Does it come with a modified filler pipe hose? Thanks in advance, John
Unfortunately, we are not a shop so we don't do this type of work. So, we can't tell you specifically what's involved. It will obviously take relocating the spare and some other mods but the extent of that work isn't something we can advise on.
The vendor says either of these sending units work with this tank:


Morris Minor Part Team.
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