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Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S

Mini Cooper Pistons Mahle Forged R55 R56 R57 Cooper S
Part No: G2NME8250
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
High Performance Forged Piston upgrade from MAHLE - the OEM supplier to MINI. Includes a set of 4 OVERSIZED (+0.5mm or +0.020") Pistons, Rings, and wrist pins.

Fits the following Cooper S with the N14 engine:

2007-2010 R56 Cooper S Hatchback
2008-2010 R55 Cooper S Clubman
2009-2010 R57 Cooper S Convertible

Mahle's technical expertise shows in the details of this product, as shown in the CAD diagrams where the piston crowns are 3D milled to retain the Direct Injection features. Not many piston suppliers will invest the engineering necessary to manufacture a product of this quality.


[ ] Bore: 77.50mm (stock is 77.00mm)
[ ] Stroke: 85.8mm
[ ] Rod: 138.2mm / 28.5mm c/h
[ ] Pin: 20mm
[ ] Compression: 10.25
[ ] Misc: 1.0cc vol, 267g, 2618

MAHLE Pistons

What has long been common in motor racing is increasingly being used in series-produced engines subject to high stresses: forged pistons. These have a finer micro structure than cast pistons with the same alloys. The production process results in greater strength in the lower temperature range. A further advantage is the opportunity for producing lower wall thicknesses—and hence reducing the weight. Boring or milling internal areas of the piston also helps reduce the weight.

New challenges – optimum processes br Modern engines with variable valve train or different direct injection concepts require pistons with a complex geometry. This often leads to a higher piston weight due to involved crown shapes. To achieve as ideal as possible a combination of low weight and high stability despite this, the suitable choice of material is just as crucial as an optimum production process. MAHLE utilizes its longstanding development experience to best effect here, both in forging and casting technology.

Improved coating for less friction

For the application in aluminum cylinder surfaces, MAHLE uses the iron particle reinforced synthetic resin coating FERROPRINT®. MAHLE's new FerroTec® galvanic iron layer is another ongoing development available on the market. The FerroTec® technology coats the entire skirt evenly, resulting in improved running properties. These coatings are necessary to enable the combination of aluminum pistons with pure aluminum engine blocks and hence represent an essential contribution to an overall reduction in engine weight.

MAHLE in the pole position

From Formula 1 to Speedboats: MAHLE supports all areas of motorsports

MAHLE Motorsports North America established in 2000 has positioned itself as a leading supplier of forged racing pistons and rings to the racing community. Widely recognized as the technology leader amongst race teams in most every top race series in North America and abroad, winning races and championships across the board. MAHLE Motorsports North America brings cutting edge technology to sportsman and professional racers alike. Backed by MAHLE’s more than 90 years of technical expertise and coupled with the flexibility and foresight to meet a wide range of customer needs has the discerning racer relying on MAHLE to get them to the winner’s circle.

Every MAHLE Motorsports piston is backed by nearly 90 years of racing heritage and technology. From the invention of the first aluminum piston to the most advanced design and machining processes being used today, MAHLE delivers unmatched performance and durability. MAHLE’s light-weight, low-drag, design specific forgings are machined with close attention given to ring groove quality, tolerances and consistency. All MAHLE Motorsports pistons are dual-coated, adding protection and maintaining consistent performance over the life of the engine. There is no secret why top professional race teams use MAHLE Motorsports pistons.

Since the fall of 2002, all core processes for racing applications have been brought together in our Fellbach motorsports plant. Highly motivated engineers, designers and technicians work closely together there under one roof. This helps us to react faster, and more flexibly, to the high demands of our customers. And also more efficiently transfer our experience from over 80 years of motorsports to series development.

Nothing supports the MAHLE Group's technology leadership as strongly as our achievements in international motorsports.

In the 2005 Formula 1 season, the top class of motorsports, MAHLE supplied pistons and engine components for six of the ten teams, including important parts of world champion Michael Schumacher's Ferrari engine. During the 2004 season, 16 of 18 Grand Prix races were won with MAHLE pistons and engine components.

Le Mans - an extreme endurance test for man and machine. For 16 years in a row, the winners of the best known long-distance race in the world have crossed the finish line powered by pistons and NIKASIL®-coated cylinder crankcase from MAHLE. And also with other great motorsports events - from Rally World Championships through IRL and NASCAR races in the USA to truck racing - regardless of who wins, MAHLE always wins.

However, product development for race engines results in more than sporting achievements. It is often the top technology used in today's motorsports products that ends up in tomorrow's series-produced automotive models. A Grand Prix race is the most severe test stand that you can imagine. In providing products that succeed here, we can also master the everyday requirements of public roads with no problem.