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MINI OEM factory Level 3 Tune-Up Kit including filters (oil, air & cabin), oil, spark plugs, 5 liters 0w-30 motor oil, and one gallon of antifreeze for your 2nd generation 2016 MINI Cooper S models including R60 Countryman R61 Paceman
OEM Level 3 Tune-up Kit MINI Cooper S R60 R61 Gen2

OEM Level 3 Tune-up Kit MINI Cooper S R60 R61 Gen2

OEM Level 3 Tune-up Kit MINI Cooper S R60 R61 Gen2
Selected: Cooper S 2016 Countryman & Paceman
Part No: G2NMK6507
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Level 3 'MAJOR TUNE-UP' Maintenance Kit for the 2016 Countryman and Paceman Cooper S models.

Some of the maintenance items in the MINI is called 'lifetime' by the factory. However, if you feel like we do and are uncomfortable with 'lifetime' fluids, this is the kit for you. This kit is also very appropriate if you just purchased a pre-owned 'mid-mileage' MINI without any service history - use this kit for a 'fresh' start!

Fits the following Cooper S models:

2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman

Different Kits depending on production dates for Cooper vs. Cooper S. Select accordingly.

This kit includes the following:

MINI Factory Oil Filter
MINI Factory 0w-30 Motor Oil - 5 Liters
MINI Factory Engine Air Filter
MINI Factory Cabin Air Filter
MINI Factory Serpentine Belt
NGK Spark Plugs - set of 4
MINI Factory Coolant/Antifreeze - 1 Gal

MINI service bulletin dated December 2015 recommends the following Engine Oils:

  • 0W-30 LL-01 FE for 2nd Generation MINIs model year 2016 

Engine capacity for motor oil is 4.4 quarts.

Cooling System capacity is 5.6 quarts for the Cooper and 6.3 quarts for the Cooper S.