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MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen2 R55 R56 R57

MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen2 R55 R56 R57

MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen2 R55 R56 R57
Selected: Satin White pair
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)

Magna Guard SATIN WHITE Magnetic Bonnet Stripes are high quality removable bonnet stripes. Sold in pairs.

Image shown is the gloss version.


2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 Cooper and Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

For the Checkered Stripes, see G2NMX4075.

Following two years of extreme weather testing and constant badgering by Mini owners, these unique Magna Guard magnetic hood stripes are finally available.

Constructed of 0.030" magnetic vinyl, they are available in white or checkered flag graphics. Tested at over 120 miles per hour, they are precut for the BMW Mini Cooper & S.

These magnetic bonnet stripes can be easily shortened with scissors to fit Classic Minis as well. Stripes may be removed, swapped, waxed etc. at the owner's discretion.

As with any product used on the finish of your car, take extra care that the bonnet is very clean and free from dust and dirt before application. Remove if the car gets wet for drying - reinstall when everything is dry and clean.

Combine with "John Cooper Signature" (sold separately as part number NMX4061) for one cool look.

Instructions included.

For those with concerns about the stripes affecting the finish, here are some comments from customers: "LOVE my magnetic stripes. NO problem with them flying off or scratching the paint. I ONLY put them on after I've cleaned up the mini... and enjoy them a few days and take them off when I'm not in the mood."


"I clean both the paint and the magnetic side of the badge very carefully with detailing spray and a microfiber. I also store the magnets very carefully to avoid extra dirt or scratches on the magnetic surface (the side that touches the paint). I've never seen any scratches/dullness."


"i had magnetic stone guards on there before i put on the aero kit, and I've had badges on either side of the license plate on the boot, AND on the 1/4 panel, no issues. Keep the car clean, wash under them and the magnet itself, no worries..."

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
6 of 7 other people found the following review helpful
Magnetic Checkered Stipes
Hi Every One, I bought my black mini and i thought the stripes would be a nice touch to the front. To my disappointment, both of them i lost as soon i was on the freeway to LAX. In other words i saw my $42 flying away left and right! Guys don't waist your time and money on that sort of cheap solutions. those magnets are not strong enough to hold to the front. Even i cleaned, dusted up bla bla bla, etc. Long Beach Guy Los Angeles
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12 of 12 other people found the following review helpful
Awesome Quality and Looks!!!
I bought these about 2 years ago and can honestly say they still look like brand new when cleaned up. I have left them on in hot sunny days here in FL, for 1-2 weeks at a time, no problems. After it rains, I have left them on for 1-2 days by accident a few times and No problems with paint. I do make a habit that if it's going to rain or if it does rain, I take them off as soon as I can. I have driven on the interstate at high speeds and they have not come off or even moved. People think they are the real thing, until I lift one up and they start laughing and say they would have never of known. It's the best of both worlds because you can your stripes and if you want to be a little more formal, just take them off. The best place to store them is on the side of the refrigerator. They lay perfectly flat there and out of the way. And you have to keep them flat when not on the car or they will take a little bit of time to lay flat on the hood when you put them on. Overall a GREAT PRODUCT for $30 if you want stripes. Heavy magnetic too.
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