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Lowering Kit Front All , Sprite , & Mg Midget

Lowering Kit Front All , Sprite , & Mg Midget

Lowering Kit Front All , Sprite , & Mg Midget
Part No: KGM907
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget
This great lowering kit fits the front of all Sprites and Midgets and lowers the car a conservative 1/2". This kit consists of spacers that simply lower the spring pan. Easy to install! Front suspension geometry can be altered to improve road holding, further enhancing cornering ability. Standard Sprite and Midget settings from the factory are 3/4degree of positive camber, approximately 3 degrees of castor and 1/8" toe in. Stock spring rate is 271 lb/in. The first and most often used step on both street and mild race cars is to replace all the rubber bushes with polyurethane; 88G274/POLY upper trunion bushes (4 per car) and 8G621/POLY A-arm inner bushes (8 per car). Just this simple upgrade will produce a much stiffer, tauter feel to the suspension. Lowering the front suspension is a must for the road racer and even highly advised for street applications. Lowering the front a small amount for road applications is simply a matter of installing a spring pad lowering kit KGM907. Shorter and stiffer springs are used by the racer see WCFS800 for 520 lb springs. The next alteration to improve handling is to add negative camber to the front. Simply lowering the car will increase the negative camber and thus all lowering should be done first. For road applications 1 degree negative camber is as much as is required. For mild street use, the simplest method to add a little negative camber is to raise the mounting points of the shocks. A few washers between the shock and the body does the trick. For serious drivers exact camber can be achieved by the use of shocks with rose-jointed arms; C-GSA100L & C-GSA100R. These are really only suitable for race applications as the rose joints are not durable enough for high mileage.
I’m considering changing the front coil springs on my Midget to modify performance and ride height. Could you tell me all the different springs you have available? I would like to compare the free-sprung length and lbs ratings for each.

Ride height won't be affected by the springs themselves but a lowering kit:


This lowers the bottom spring retainer in the wishbone.

Unfortunately, right now we don't have performance front springs available - only the stock springs for various years:


Our vendors don't offer lbs weight rating these. The last type were longer than the early types.


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Front suspension geometry can be altered to improve the cars road holding, further enhancing its cornering ability. Standard settings from the factory are 3/4° of positive camber, approximately 3° of Castor, and 1/8" toe in. Stock Spring rate is 271lbf/in.