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Classic Mini Super 2-Core Radiator, Cap, 11 Blade Fan & Hoses

Classic Mini Super 2-Core Radiator, Cap, 11 Blade Fan & Hoses

Classic Mini Super 2-Core Radiator, Cap, 11 Blade Fan & Hoses
Part No: MMKT0135
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
When it comes to cooling a Mini, nothing beats the new design Super Two Core radiator. The radiator itself is made with a very dense core, same as used by Lotus. Dimensionally it is the same as a standard Mini radiator, making it a direct bolt-in replacement for one piece radiator shrouds. Earlier, 2-piece shrouds will need very minor modifications. Our special cooling kit includes the radiator (C-ARA4442), latest design 11 blade fan (12G2129), upper (GRH247) and lower (GRH201) hoses and a 13-lb cap (GRC111).
I've got a fully stock 948 '59 Bugeye Sprite; it's running hot. The radiator is original, so I don't know its condition but assume there may be clogged fins; the fan is the stock 2 blade. I'd like to run it as cool as possible. Which of your kits (radiator, adapter kit, and fan) would you recommend?

As long as both the water pump and thermostat are working as they should, a couple of things you could try is a better fan:


and a cooler thermostat might help (or you could test the cooling with no thermostat installed to see if that makes any difference}:


You could also go to a larger diameter water pump pulley. This type came on the later Classic Minis and it spins slower so the engine has time to cool better.


That pulley will most likely require a longer fan belt.

If things are still too hot it may be time to replace the original radiator with a new one:


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