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BMW Mini Cooper
Classic Mini Mk1 Body Rubber Kit

Classic Mini Mk1 Body Rubber Kit

Classic Mini Mk1 Body Rubber Kit
Part No: MMKT0200
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Internet Price $349.95
If you are painting your car you probably should consider replacing all the rubber seals on it. If the rubber is old, not only does it look terrible but it will probably crack when trying to remove it. If you are going to the trouble and cost of painting, do it right, replace the rubber! Our special kit includes: front and rear windshield seals with filler strips, door seals, door glass seals (sliding window models), boot and bonnet seals, head and tail lamp seals, door and bootlid hinge gaskets:
CZH5342=Windshield Seal
JRC2674=Rear Window Seal
(2)24A1466=Chrome Filler Strip, Windscreen and Rear
(2)XGA9934/ORIG=Door Surround, MKI
(2)24A88=Lower Window Channels
(2)14A7167=Upper Window Channels
EAM8530=Right Draft Excluder
EAM8531=Left Draft Excluder
14A6584/MS=Boot Seal MKI/II
14A9010=Bonnet Strip, Early
(2)37H5527=Front Turn Signal Boots
(2)57H5456=Headlamp Seal, with Lugs
(2)57H5399=Tail Light Gasket Set
(2)ALA5897=Quarter Window Seals, MKI
(4)ALA7844=MKI Door Hinge Gasket, Long
(4)BMP135=MKI Door Hinge Gasket, Short
(2)24A2175=Boot Hinge Gasket, Upper
(2)24A2176=Boot Hinge Gasket, Lower
(2)JPC2017=Filler Clip (1)14A7075=Fuel Filler Grommet
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