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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Lightweight Alternator, Pulley & Bracket Kit

Classic Mini Lightweight Alternator, Pulley & Bracket Kit

Classic Mini Lightweight Alternator, Pulley & Bracket Kit
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Internet Price $346.96
Part No: MMKT0914
Internet Price $346.96
Alternate Products
Alternator high performance single wire lightweight
$257.96 Alternator high performance single wire lightweight

Lightweight single wire racing alternator kit is ideal for the racer but also an excellent option for every-day street use.  This small and lightweight alternator not only puts our more than enough power to keep you battery fully charged but the oversized pulley also insures you will consume less of your precison Horsepower in doing so, 
The Single Wire hook up means an ultra simply installation.  Note: these alternators will require some extra fitting to make the belt alignment work.
The custom allow bottom mounting bracket allows for a f ull range of adjustment reguardless of the various pully sizes you may have on the enigne or water pump.

I want to confirm that this alternator will work for a 1990 998 Mini that has A/C. Is there another model you recommend?
If your system uses a standard V-Belt drive and as such the MMKT0914 is a valid option but you will need to change the plug into the alternator as the kit uses a single wire system. For a direct replacement, I would suggest a GEU205 alternator

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Parts and Accessories Experts

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