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Wheel Wax - The Ultimate Wheel Protection 8 Oz

Wheel Wax - The Ultimate Wheel Protection 8 Oz

Wheel Wax - The Ultimate Wheel Protection 8 Oz
Part No: NMA7102
This item is not available.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Classic Mini
We all know how much dust the BMW / MINI brakes generate. Here is one product designed to protect your wheels, repel brake dust, and simplify cleaning.

WheelWax is different from wheel polishes because it is not a polish, it is a wax formulated with space age polymers and resins, a heat resistant sealant and carnauba wax, which provides the ultimate protection for wheels. There are no ingredients in WheelWax that are harmful to wheels or their finish. WheelWax is treated to provide long lasting protection and formulated for ease of application.

Just wipe on, let dry to a haze and wipe off. For maximum shine, rinse with cool water and buff to a high shine. After 24 hours, WheelWax changes the surface polarity of wheels to repel the brake dust and makes the wheels easier to clean. Wheel Wax is also designed to help combat the effects of road salt and harsh winter road chemicals used in the Snow Belt, however whenever contaminates get on wheels they should be removed as soon as possible to keep wheels as new looking as possible.

The sooner WheelWax protective treatment is applied to new wheels, the longer the wheels will stay in like-new condition. After applying WheelWax, clean wheels every week using only neutral pH car wash soap. In many cases you may only need to use a soft, damp, cotton towel to get the best results.

WheelWax was formulated to last longer on wheels then any other product on the market; however, the lasting power of WheelWax will depend on how often the wheels are cleaned, and what product is used to clean them. If wheels are cleaned on a regular basis with water or neutral pH car wash soap, WheelWax should be applied every month. If any other chemical, high pH soap or automatic car wash is used, then American Racing Wheel Wax should be applied after each wheel cleaning.

WheelWax must be applied liberally on clean, cool and dry wheels and spread evenly, let dry to a haze and then remove with a soft cotton towel or applicator. We recommend applying WheelWax to all wheels and then buffing the first wheel. The application process for polished aluminum or billet wheels is slightly different. Just apply WheelWax to polished aluminum or billet wheels and immediately buff to a high shine. It is not necessary to let WheelWax dry on polished aluminum to get the ultimate protection. Extending drying time on polished wheels may require more work to remove the haze. Buff off quickly for best results.

WheelWax will at least extend time in between wheel polishing and may eliminate the need to polish wheels. WheelWax has been formulated to add a protective barrier on wheels, which will repel harmful brake dust and road contaminates.

Remember: Treat the finish of your wheels as you would the finish of your car. Most alloy wheels today feature a painted and/or a clearcoat finish just like your vehicle's bodywork.

To minimize waste, use our MicroFiber Applicator Pad NMA7126.

Before applying the Wheel Wax, use the Sonax Full Effects Wheel Cleaner to remove the built-up brake dust without harming the finish.

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