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Mini Cooper Performance Brake Fluid Ate® Type 200 Amber

Mini Cooper Performance Brake Fluid Ate® Type 200 Amber

Mini Cooper Performance Brake Fluid Ate® Type 200 Amber

Mini Cooper Performance Brake Fluid Ate® Type 200 Amber

Mini Cooper Performance Brake Fluid Ate® Type 200 Amber
Part No: NMB1051
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Classic Mini
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ATE® TYP 200 Amber DOT 4 Performance Brake fluid is THE IDEAL CHOICE for handling the high demands placed on your MINI's brake system, regardless of whether you are involved in autocross, road racing or high performance street driving.


  • MINI Recommends brake system flush EVERY 2 YEARS as listed in the 'Additional Service Items' section of Inspection II. This will help maximize longevity of the complex ABS system.
  • Brake Fluids cannot be shipped via air - they can be shipped by ground methods only.

If you're thinking of replacing your brake lines, pads, or rotors on your MINI or just want to get better performance out of your stock brake system, this is a great product to make bleeding your brakes worth your time. Don't replace your brake fluid with stock fluid if you have the opportunity to go to a performance brake fluid like the ATE® TYP 200 Amber.

Type: ATE® TYP 200 Amber

MINIs takes 1-2 liters for a complete flush.

ATE® TYP 200 Amber has a dry boiling point of 536F and a wet boiling point of 396F which far exceeds standard brake fluids meeting the DOT 4 requirements. This fluid is NOT SILICONE and is compatible with conventional brake fluid. 100% synthetic fluid is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes and yet very suitable for daily driving.

This top-of-the-line product lies 20 °C over the DOT 5.1 standard and surpasses this standard in nearly all the other requirements as well. This means that your MINI can go without a brake fluid change for up to 3 years while products with a lower wet boiling point have to be replaced considerably more often (e.g. DOT 3 products should be replaced annually).

The overall high dry and wet boiling points make this fluid an excellent choice for street driven vehicles where brake fluid is flushed less frequently than in racing cars.

One can should be enough for a complete MINI brake system flush, but we recommend two cans in case you have persistent bubbles.

Racing brake fluid for street use?

  • Will it work? - Yes.  Is it overkill? - Yes.  Will you ever see the benefit on the street? - Highly unlikely... ($$)
  • Racing brake fluids are made to higher specification to withstand extreme conditions on the track, which is why the cost is significantly higher.  ($$$)
  • Racing brake fluids are changed more frequently due to the harsh conditions, some change fluids after every event! ($$$$)

We would love to sell you this more expensive fluid, but if you don't go racing, stick to the standard DOT4 and change every 2 years.

For standard replacement Brake Fluid, see Mini Cooper Brake Fluid Pentosin DOT4

If you need a higher performance RACING brake fluid (higher wet/dry boiling point), then take a look at the Motul RBF Racing Fluid.

If you need a top-of-the-line RACING brake fluid (even higher wet/dry boiling point), take a look at the Castrol React SRF Racing brake fluid.

From the Mini Owners Manual:
Brake fluid is hygroscopic, that is, it absorbs moisture from the air over time.  In order to ensure the brake system's safety and reliability, change the brake fluid every two years.  Brake fluid is toxic and also damages vehicle paintwork. Always store brake fluid in tightly-closed original containers kept well away from the reach of children. Do not spill the brake fluid and do not fill the brake fluid reservoir beyond the MAX mark. The brake fluid could ignite upon contact with hot engine

For High Performance Brake Fluids, see the following:

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