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Mini Cooper Clutch Kit Oem R50 R52 R53 Gen 1

Mini Cooper Clutch Kit Oem R50 R52 R53 Gen 1

Mini Cooper Clutch Kit Oem R50 R52 R53 Gen 1
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Mini Cooper Clutch Kit Value Line Gen1 R50 R52 R53
Mini Cooper Clutch Kit Value Line Gen1 R50 R52 R53
MINI Factory Clutch Rebuild Kit. This is the same kit used by the MINI dealers.

Includes remanufactured Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, and Thowout Bearing.

Fits the following models:

2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

NOTE: The factory used an updated Guide Tube design in production starting in May 2006 (05/2006). If you are performing a clutch service on the R53 Cooper S built BEFORE May 2006, REPLACE THE GUIDE TUBE! Cooper S kits for production up to 05/2006 require the updated Guide Tube NMG7607.

MINI Factory Clutch Kit Application Chart:

HARDTOP R50 2002-2004 NMG7602    
HARDTOP R50 2005-2006 NMG7603    
HARDTOP R53 2002-2004   NMG1221  
HARDTOP R53 2005-2006   NMG7600 NMG7600
CONVERTIBLE R52 2005-2008 NMG7603 NMG7600 NMG7600
HARDTOP R56 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611 G2NMG7612
HARDTOP R56 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
CLUBMAN R55 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611 G2NMG7612
CLUBMAN R55 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
CONVERTIBLE R57 2007-2010 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7611 G2NMG7612
CONVERTIBLE R57 2011-2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
COUPE R58 2012-02/2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7612
COUPE R58 02/2013+ G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
ROADSTER R59 2012-02/2013 G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7612
ROADSTER R59 02/2013+ G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
COUNTRYMAN R60 2011+ G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622
PACEMAN R61 2013+ G2NMG7610 G2NMG7622 G2NMG7622

For the MINI Factory Clutch Alignment Tool, see NME5034-P.

For the MINI Factory replacement flywheel, see NMG7621-P.

For Performance Clutch/Flywheel kits, see NMG1630.

For Performance Clutch kits, see NMG1600.

For MINI Factory replacement Pressure Plate Bolts - see NMG7608.

For MINI Factory replacement Flywheel Bolts - see NMG7623.

For 2007+ R56 MINI Cooper S Hatchback, 2008+ R55 MINI Cooper S CLUBMAN, 2009+ R57 MINI Cooper S Converbibles, see G2NMG7610.

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How to find the right Clutch Replacement for your MINI Cooper
Created: June 19, 2015
Identifying the correct MINI Factory Clutch Kit can be confusing. The part number varies depending on the production year, Cooper or Cooper S, and engine type. The chart below should help you find the correct kit. The clutch on the Mini is designed to function properly at a given horsepower figure (plus some headroom).  As the Mini engine gets upgraded producing more power than stock, the increased horsepower can overpower the stock clutch's clamping force and/or the friction material on the clutch disc.  This can cause excessive clutch slip and the net result is a burnt clutch making the Mini non-operational. 
R55 / R56 MCS Clutch Bleeding Instructions
Created: March 29, 2011
The clutch operates using brake fluid. It draws off the brake fluid reservoir via a black tube on the side. Fluid flows from the reservoir into the cylinder above the clutch pedal (when there is a negative pressure). Then when the pedal is pushed the pedal cylinder pushes fluid through the tube into the clutch slave cylinder which activates the clutch.