MINI Cooper & Cooper S Antennas for
Clubman R55, Hardtop R56, and Convertible R57

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Most Popular

Our most popular antenna is the 4-inch "Stubby". Without a huge stalk, it is strong enough to go through a car wash without breaking. It has two thread sizes, but the base is not included. The Stubby Antenna also fits all MINI types.

Most Popular

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M5 & M6 Stud Antennas

These antennas are almost identical, but you can tell them apart by their studs. The M5 stud is skinnier then the M6, and the M6 has a blue tip.

M5 Stud Antenna: Fits R55 (built between 2007 and Aug. 2010) and R56 (built between 2008 and Aug. 2010)

M6 Stud Antenna: Fits R55, R56 and R57 from 2007-2015 (9 out of 10 antennas we sell for the R-models (2007+) uses the M6 version, not the M5)

The 2-inch "Shorty"

At just 2" tall, the "Shorty" antenna is everything you love about the "Stubby" antenna, but in a smaller package. It also includes M5 and M6 studs to fit all MINIs.


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The Standard Compact

Standing 3.3" tall, the "Compact" antenna is perfectly suited to your MINI. Thanks to top-class aerial technology, it offers excellent reception despite its short length. It does not need to be removed in a car wash, and it fits all model BMW MINIs.

3.3 inch tall

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Carbon Fiber Antennas

At one time there were also high-gloss carbon fiber micro antennas with either a "Union Jack" or a "Black Jack" on them; they included three different shaft sizes to allow them to fit all MINI models. These antennas seem to have been discontinued and are no longer available, but if you have questions about them, please contact us and we can see if we can help.

high gloss carbon fiber micro antennas for all MINI Cooper and Cooper S - Union Jack and Blackjack

"Union Jack" Antenna

"Black Jack" Antenna