Top-Selling MINI Cooper Parts & Accessories

Performance Brake Pads

MINI Cooper EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads R50,R52,R53
Mini Cooper EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads
Full Race pads with DM1793 compound for use with stock calipers. Ultra high friction  'track' pads but safe for street use. The “bite” from cold is superb, uncommon with race materials.

MINI Cooper Carbotech XP10 Front Brake Pads F55,F56,F57

When Carbotech™ unleashed the XP10™ to the general public it immediately gathered multiple regional, divisional, and national championships. The XP10™ has a very strong initial bite with a coefficient of friction and rotor friendliness.

MINI Cooper EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads R55-R61
Mini Cooper EBC YellowStuff Brake Pad
4000 "R" Series Full Race Brake Pads for Track and Street. Perfect for track applications but perfectly safe and effective for the street! These are pads which can be safely used on both street and track.

MINI Cooper EBC Ultimax Rear Brake Pads F55,F56,F57

Don't replace, upgrade with EBC's premium quality British made disc pads designed to meet or exceed the performance of any OEM Pad. The EBC Ultimax range are a long lasting high friction pad designed for non sport Urban driving.

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Cold Air Intakes

MINI Cooper K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake F55,F56,F54, F57
Mini Cooper K&N Cold Air Intake
Another great product from K&N - a name that you know and trust! The K&N Typhoon air intake system is a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube air induction system designed to fit the Gen3 F-Series Mini Cooper and Cooper S models.

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Upgrade With K&N for R52,R53
Mini Cooper K&N Cold Air Intake Upgrade
The Mini Mania MINI Cooper S Cold Air Intake System improves intake efficiency and increases engine performance.Reduces airflow restrictions into the engine allowing greater volume of air into the supercharger.

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Interior Accessories

MINI Cooper LED Door Projector Puddle Lights OEM

MINI factory LED Door Projector or Puddle Lights. Add a little 'Flair' to your MINI. Displays patterns on the ground when you open the door at night. Only for models with Door Entry Lamps installed.  Impress your friends (and make them jealous).

MINI Cooper 4" Stubby Antenna for All MINI Models
Mini Cooper Stubby Antenna Upgrade
Without any tools, you can change the look of your MINI with this 4 inch Stubby antenna. Standing 4 inches tall, the Stubby is much better suited to your MINI. Without a huge stalk, it would take a strong car wash to break your antenna off.

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Oil Change Kits & Fluids

MINI Cooper Oil Change Maintenance Kits
Mini Cooper Oil Change Kit
Here at Mini Mania, we've made it easier and more affordable for you to maintain your MINI by offering oil change kits. Regular oil changes will keep your car happy and healthy. 

MINI Cooper Pentosin Power Steering Fluid
Mini Cooper Power Steering Fluid
Pentosin CHF 11S is the only power steering fluid approved for the MINI. Although the power steering fluid in the MINI is a 'lifetime' fluid and does not require replacement.

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Badge Holders & Badges

MINI Cooper Universal Badge Holder
Mini Cooper Single Badge Holder for Grill
EXPRESS YOURSELF with next generation motoring badges in 3D!  Use this 3D Badge Mounting System to hold a variety of Badge Inserts or any standard magnetic 3" badge.

MINI Cooper Dual Badge Holder System
Mini Cooper Dual Badge Holder for license Plate
After a year of design and development, we are thrilled to introduce the "Design your own" license frame system for the MINI. Easy to mount and customize!

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Floor Mats & Armrests

OEM Front Rubber MINI Cooper Floor Mats w/ Logo for R50,R52,R53
Mini Cooper OEM Floor Mats
These mats provide the perfect combination of style and function. A distinctive circular pattern and MINI logo or S logo looks great and vertical grids funnel/retain moisture to improve footing, especially if motoring in mud or snow.

OEM MINI Cooper All Weather Floor Mats for F56/F55
Mini Cooper Rubber Floor Mats
MINI Factory All Weather Floor Mats for the new 3rd Generation MINIs!  Easy to clean. NOTE: Only for LEFT HAND DRIVE models as in the US and Canadian models. NOT compatible with Right Hand Drive models.

OEM MINI Cooper Rubber Floor Mats  w/ Logo for R55-R59
Mini Cooper Factory Floor Mats
These durable black rubber floor mats provide form and function. With a distinctive pattern and logo (on the fronts) for style, the floor mats vertical grids funnel moisture to improve footing.  Sold in Pairs- Front or Rear pair.

MINI Cooper Ultimate Armrest for All MINI Models
Mini Cooper Aftermarket armrest
This comfortable Armrest from Italy is easy to install, works great, and looks like it belongs in your MINI.  It is easily attached to the center console while still offering easy access to the handbrake.  Cup holder comes with most.

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Stripes & Roof Graphics

OEM MINI Cooper Bonnet Stripes R50,R52,R53
Mini Cooper Hood Stripes
Bonnet stripes offered by the factory. White stripes with black borders on both edges, or black stripes with white borders, or solid white or Black Stripes. Sold in Pairs.

OEM MINI Cooper Bonnet Stripes Pair F56,F55,F57
Mini Cooper Stripes Gen 3 MINIs
MINI factory bonnet stripes with pinstripe borders in contrasting color spice up the front end styling on your F56 MINI Cooper Hardtop/Hatchback, giving it a distinctive race-inspired look.

OEM MINI Cooper S Bonnet Stripes R55-R59
Mini Cooper Black Bonnet Stripes
MINI factory Bonnet stripes with pinstripe borders in contrasting color spice up the front end styling on any MINI, giving it a race-inspired look.  Left and right included.

OEM MINI Cooper Roof Decal Graphics R50,R53,R55,R56
Mini Cooper OEM Roof Decals
Bold roof graphics are a way to show that your car is like no other.  These MINI factory Decals are made from durable, waterproof vinyl material. Various designs available.

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Driving Lights

Hella 500 Black Magic 12-volt / 55-watt Halogen Driving Light Kit
Mini Cooper Aftermarket Driving Lights
Features awesome styling effects and race-proven performance! Exclusive Black Optics (TM) Technology creates a striking all-black look when the lamp is off...flip the switch and get a super bright, enhanced beam.

MINI Cooper OEM Driving Lights for R55,R56,R57,R58,R59,F55,F56
Mini Cooper OEM driving / rally lights
Pair of MINI Factory Driving Lights for your MINI!  You don’t have to compete in rally racing to outfit your MINI like a rally car. These sporty driving lights will brighten the way on the darkest night.

Hella 500 12-volt /55-watt Halogen Driving Light Kit
Mini Cooper Halogen Driving Lights
Rugged construction for performance and durability. Provides excellent visibility on and off-road. High impact black ABS housing, aluminum vapor-coated reflector. Upright mounting via single stud.

MINI Cooper Driving Light Kit R50,R52,R53

These auxiliary driving lights on a MINI Cooper provide great looks not just from the outside but more importantly from the drivers point of view. Quality driving lights can help you avoid the blind spots.

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