Fog Lights and Driving Lights for Classic Minis

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Driving Lights and Fog Lights, what is available for your Classic Mini or BMW MINI or how easy they are to install? What are "Rally Lights?" The answers are here!

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Video Transcript

Hi Gang, it's Brendan from Mini Mania and today I'm going to answer a few questions and show you some products that you can put on your Classic Mini or your BMW MINI to enhance your lighting.

We get a lot of questions about this like, what's the difference between a Fog Lamp and a Driving Lamp ,what is a Rally bar, what are these different things. And so we're going to answer those questions here today and give you a few links to some of the products that we sell.

The difference between a Fog Lamp and a Driving Lamp is:
      • Fog Lamps are generally something that is mounted low on the Car. If you were to buy a new vehicle and it comes stock with a Fog Lamp, they're usually the lights that are lowest down-usually underneath the Bumper. Sometimes they're about Bumper height or lower, they have a very flat beam and they're basically just used in conjunction with your regular Driving Lights so that you basically just have a slightly more illuminated field of vision.
      • Driving Lamps are a little different. Driving lamps are to give you more vision down the road-they're basically going to be mounted up high, sometimes even higher than regular lamps. Those are the, sort of, off road Lamps that you see on four wheel drive Cars and that kind of thing. They're basically designed to project forward and give you a better view and an earlier view of any obstacles that might be in front of you when you're driving at night. They're generally used in conjunction with your high beams. In fact we recommend that if you're going to hook up Driving Lamps on your Car, make sure that they're hooked into the same circuit so that when you go to your high beams the Auxiliary Driving Lights are the ones that come on so that you can switch those on and off.
They come in different sizes, generally from five to six inches. We sell a lot of the Wipac Lights here. We have Hella Kits that you can get and we have kits where you can get all of the wiring that you need to hook these up.

In general there's nothing really complicated about mounting the lights. We have custom OEM type brackets that you can get that will fit the new MINIs-these just takes a couple bolts and once you get them in place you can mount your lights to them, you can point them and do whatever you need to do for aiming the beam and what have you.  (To see 

They also have instructions for all the wiring and that's the only tricky part of it is just the wiring basically-the physical mounting of these is pretty easy.

For the Classic Mini you can mount these in your Grill. We have grilles that have cut outs-even for a couple lights-you could mount them on the bumpers.These come with some brackets. There's other brackets that are available that you can get through the website  (See all Classic Mini Driving / Fog Light products below.) We will put all of that down in the video description-you can even go 'full tilt boogie'. You can do it like a full "Italian Job", Classic Italian Job type thing-where you have the three Lights like this and you can sort of make it look like you have a Classic 1960's Rally Mini Cooper.

So, again, the difference that you're going to find on a Fog Lamp-and I'll just turn this picture around on these Wipacs here- you can see that they control the beam because the glass will have different patterns. It's kind of created like a Fresnel type Lens or what have you. That's going to help control and focus the beam. A lot of times, though, what you're going to see with a Driving Lamp is-you're not going to see much of that. The glass itself is going to be pretty clear and it's actually the back of the Parabolic Dish that gives it the focus ability.When you see something like this you're going to kind of generally tell that that's a Driving Lamp. If you're going to see something where the glass is got a little bit more sort of striasions in it, or what have you ,it can be either one but usually it's going to be more of a flat beam type Lamp or a standard type Head Lamp that you would have on a Car. These generally are done so that they've got left hand drive roads or right hand drive roads where they kind of dip one direction or dip the other direction. It's kind of the same idea, only with a Fog Lamp you're just trying to look for a low flat beam.

So, all of these are available through the website. We're going to list a whole bunch of different links, so that you can take a look at what's available. There's a lot of landing pages where you can go and you can look at the different type, there's different sizes and there's different mounting solutions. We offer the brackets, we offer wiring we-offer everything that you need for your Classic Mini's and your new MINI's, in order to get you more illuminated at night-so all of this is available through our website.

I encourage all of you to ask us questions, any time, and down below in the video description we're going to send links to the website so you can see all the stuff. If you have any specific questions just give us a call or send us an eMail

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