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Hi it's Brendan from Mini Mania and we're going to take a look at an engine light that popped up on our testbed car which as you can see is right there and we are going to put our code reader in there which is available through our website I'll give you the part number in a minute and we'll see if we can figure out why we've got a code okay and there's the engine light oh yeah and there's one on the speed dial as well I'll plug it in and see if we figure out what's going on looks like we're getting the 1497 and that's the only code, he's going to erase the code now. Right now the engine light is gone. Okay we're going to take a look here in the Mini Cooper service manual it has a trouble codes listed at the back and you can see, looks like it's a downstream throttle air leak, and we actually had that problem before it's actually a c-clamp that's down just down streaming the turbo tighten it up and we'll probably solve our problem. so for those of you who want to diagnose your check engine lights on your minis you can go to our website and punch in G2NME 5001 and pick up yourself an obd2 code reader that will read cars from 1996 on including all of the current mini models