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Browse our selection of MINI Cooper headlights, trim, replacement bulbs and more.  Available for all MINI models.   And if you're looking for Driving/Rally Lights, Brackets and Covers, we have them too at the bottom of this article.

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Headlight Parts for R50 | R52 | R53

2002-2006 R50 Hardtop/Hatchback MINI Cooper (Non-S)
2002-2006 R53 Hardtop/Hatchback MINI Cooper (S)

2005-2008 R52 Convertible MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)

Headlight Parts for R55 | R56 | R57 | R58 | R59

2007-2013 R56 Hardtop/Hatchback MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)
2008-2014 R55 Clubman MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)
2009-2015 R57 Convertible MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)
2012-2015 R58 Coupe MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)
2012-2015 R59 Roadster MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)

Headlight Parts for R60 & R61

2011+ R60 Countryman MINI Cooper
2013+ R61 Paceman MINI Cooper

Headlight Parts for F54 | F55 | F56

2014+ F56 Hardtop/Hatchback MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)
2015+ F55 Hardtop/Hatchback MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)

2016+ F54 Clubman MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)

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DRIVING and RALLY Lights, Brackets and Covers


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