I have an 09 MINI Cooper JCW Clubman w/N14 engine. My clutch is just starting to slip, occasionally, @124k kms. I'm undecided as to going with stock replacement or the single mass conversion. I've talked to owners with converted Gen 1 MCS, one w/ stage 1 and one w/ stage 2. Both are happy-ish with it! Stage 1 guy says peddle is very light, and stage 2 guy says he picked wrong clutch plate (carbon/Kevlar). I can't determine what I need from your website.
Do you sell a conversion kit for my car?

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your interest with Mini Mania and our products.

Upgraded clutches are generally intended for MINIs that have performance upgrades - they are designed with higher clamping forces to handle the additional horsepower / torque.  Although they are generally made with better quality materials compared to stock, they may not necessarily last longer....

I would be interested to hear the main reason for wanting an upgraded clutch.

The stock Dual Mass Flywheel is designed to absorb and suppress gearbox noises and allows a smoother engagement.  By switching to a lightweight single mass flywheel, you loose these features.  If your flywheel is in decent shape, it is perfectly okay to re-use it.  Our trusted local MINI specialist replaces the flywheel every other clutch change, provided there are no visible damages to the friction surface. 

The upgraded clutches are intended to offer quicker engagement - they are not ideal if you have to drive in bumper to bumper traffic where you need to constantly slip the clutch.  

With that said, here are some options:

MINI factory JCW Clutch Kit - G2NMG7612
MINI factory JCW Flywheel - G2NMG7605

Stage 1 Clutch Upgrade - G2NMG1601S
Lightweight Flywheel upgrade - G2NMG2000

Let me know your thoughts.

Best regards,