A customer at Mini Mania recently asked:  I have a 2012 clubman S, I believe the engine is an N18 per my VIN Number. Anyway. I see a chip for $349, then a another chip-thing for nearly $600 that requires sending my ECU (?) to you for reprograming. Then a 'gas pedal' gizzmo that's supposed to make my car quicker. I'm confused. Can I just make my Mini a bit of a brute with better acceleration? What do I buy to do that? (I know - break into the kid's college fund and buy all three.)

Well here’s a simple answer:

Dear Customer, It sounds like you are comparing the following for your MINI Cooper S:

The Sprint Booster modifies the throttle signal for better response - it makes the car 'feel' faster but it does not add horsepower.

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) Power Module modifies the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and tricks the ECU into increasing the turbo boost, which results in more horsepower and torque.

The ECU Software upgrade modifies the software 'mapping' in the computer to run the engine in a more performance oriented manner. This affects the timing, air/fuel mix, boost, just to name a few parameters that are improved.

Each product costs more than the one before, but also provided more performance upgrades than the one before.

As for recommendations, I recommend that you select one of the three that best fits your budget. There’s no sense keeping your kid from going to college if you can avoid it.


  • None of the devices listed below are technically legal for use in California.
  • They will also not cause any check engine lights.
  • 'Some customers' have elected to simply remove the units (Sprint Booster or Power Module) just prior to their emissions test since it only takes a few minutes to remove.

We hope this helps.

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