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This is a SOFTWARE UPGRADE SERVICE for your ECU .  It is NOT a Replacement Part.   
  • Once you place your order for this service,  we will send you instructions on where to send your ECU  to be Upgraded.  For more information about ECUs refer to our article ECU Upgrades for Gen2 MINI Coopers.
ECU Upgrade Service MINI Cooper S R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R50 R61 Gen 2

ECU Upgrade Service MINI Cooper S R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R50 R61 Gen 2

ECU Upgrade Service MINI Cooper S R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R50 R61 Gen 2
Part No: G2NME4310
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
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JMTC Mini Cooper ECU upgrade for your 2nd generation Mini Cooper S. If you're looking for a safe ECU tune that makes the most power and torque possible - the JMTC ECU tune is THE solution.

For Mini Cooper S models:

2007-2013 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2008-2014 R55 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2009-2015 R57 MINI Cooper S Convertible 
2012-2015 R58 MINI Cooper S Coupe
2012-2015 R59 MINI Cooper S Roadster
2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper S Paceman


  • For US models only
  • ECU from your MINI must be sent to JMTC for the software upgrade
  • Although every effort is made to program and ship your ECU with 48 hours after receipt, allow at least a week from the  time you ship your ECU until you receive the unit back. Depending on your address, it may take longer.

With over 20 years experience making power on many brands, JMTC now offers the ultimate solution for your MINI! The software upgrade maximizes performance by modifying boost pressures, air fuel ratios, ignition timing, throttle response and rev limiter just to name a few. We keep them in 'safe limits' for reliability while keeping your engine running strong. Whether you have a stock MINI or many modifications including the Turbo upgrade, JMTC ECU Upgrade can unleash the potential of your MINI.


  • Safe solution for Maximum Power Gains
  • Original ECU files are saved
  • Software Optimized to the mods on YOUR Mini
  • 20 Years experience with Chip Tuning


  • Intercooler upgrade is necessary for Stage 2 and above
  • Once ECU is removed from your Mini, DO NOT turn on ignition
  • Up to 20-25% power gains
  • Requires 91 Octane or higher fuel
  • ECU must be sent to JMTC for the re-flash
  • For US addresses, price includes 3-day return shipping. Expedited shipping available for additional fees
  • Details of your Mini necessary for proper tune
    • Year & Model of your Mini
    • List of ALL modifications

NOTE: Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your current local regulations on compliance for street use.


I have a JCW Countryman. will this tune service do anything for my model. I also have upgraded the intake, downpipe and exhaust on this car. Not sure on the VIN as i am not by my car.
Yes, we can tune the JCW ECU as well for specific modifications.
Once you make an order for it, we send a form and instructions for you to fill out and return to us. 

Mini Mania Tech Support
I'm in calif. So how & what can I do and not do to upgrade the car's performance?
For the 2007 R56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop, 'legal' upgrades in California are very limited.

You can get a CARB-approved intake upgrade like this K&N intake or NM intake.

Exhaust upgrades are currently safe as long as it is downstream from the cat and o2 sensors. (at least for 'today')

ECU upgrades are technically not legal in CA, but they are undetectable in the standard OBD emissions check....

The only turbo upgrade that is legal in CA is to install the factory JCW turbo on the Cooper S - small gains but it is a factory original part.

We have other turbo upgrades that use the same-as-factory K03 shell with upgraded internals..... but not 'technically' legal in CA

Any of the plumbing or intercooler upgrades are not CARB approved and will probably get flagged in the visual inspection...

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

I just purchased a 2010 JCW Mini Cooper S. I see you have upgrades for a Cooper S, but what about JCW? I think the suspension is certainly stiff enough but it would be nice if it were more supple. Also it could use more power and a longer power curve. Where do you suggest I get started?
Most of the upgrades for the Cooper S are also applicable to the JCW. Of course, the power gains will be slightly less for the JCW when compared to the Cooper S.

Improve the ride quality can be a challenge if you are not willing to give up some handling performance. Are you using run-flat tires?

For more power and a longer power curve, you might consider an ECU software upgrade, or perhaps a slightly larger turbo

An Intake upgrade will ad a few hp, but nothing near the items above...

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

We recently installed the G2NME2840R on our 2007 Cooper S JCW that has a stage 3 Alta tune plus a Helix stepped core IC, Alta 3" turbo-back exhaust. It had the dealer JCW kit installed originally and I believe that has a different intake. Now when I get on the throttle too much, it goes into limp mode. Could this be caused by the new higher-flowing turbo? It seems to cut out anytime you really want to get into it.
With those supporting modifications we don't see any issues with the higher flowing turbo - it would not cause a half-power light. There are several factors that could contribute to it, but having it diagnosed at a MINI-qualified service station would be the best place to start.

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

Does this have an off setting to pass CA smog check?
Sorry no, the software cannot be 'turned off'.
However, it is also undetectable based on today's California emission testing.

Happy Motoring
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