Classic Mini Tiny Wheels and Tires

January 16, 2013

1967 Cooper

We matched the original off white wheel 

color w/ off the shelf paint

1967 Cooper

Mini Mania's dog dish hubcaps &

Vredestein Sprint Classic tires 

There are a lot of tire and wheel options for the C lassic Mini Cooper. From the factory, the Classic Mini Cooper S came standard with 3.5-inch-wide slotted steel wheels that were 10 inches in diameter. Optional 4.5-inch-wide wheels were also available.

On the Mk. 1 Mini Cooper S, these wheels were all painted Old English White, which is a creamy, yellowish white, with a hint of black in it as well. We queried Mini Mania’s Mini Cooper forum to get some answers as to how to duplicate this color.

Members suggested the original code was WT3 and that Dupont Alesta PFT50058 or Sherman Williams Almond P/142/8 are close substitutes. On either of the stock wheels, simple, lightweight, dog-dish style hubcaps were attached. We got three of these caps with the car, but one was damaged.

Our car came with a set of really cool Cosmic 10x6-inch wheels, and two of the original, optional 4.5-inch steel wheels. The Cosmics, while super cool looking, are too wide to fit under stock Mini fenders. We are trying to restore, not highly modify this car, so we decided to stick with the original wheels and caps. Fortunately, Mini Mania sells excellent reproductions of the original hub caps in either chrome or stainless steel. If we can’t find good used ones from fellow club members, we will pick up a set from Mini Mania.

We found three more 4.5-inch stock wheels from two different club members and went searching for some paint. An off-white Rust-Oleum Biscuit Appliance Epoxy paint at Wal-Mart fit the bill, and for less than $20 we had primed and painted our wheels.

On these wheels we mounted Vredestein Sprint Classic tires. They look absolutely correct on a car from the ‘60s and they ride and handle very well.