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Classic Mini Tie Bar Adjustable Heavy Duty Pair

Classic Mini Tie Bar Adjustable Heavy Duty Pair

Classic Mini Tie Bar Adjustable Heavy Duty Pair
Part No: 21A1091
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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Adjustable Tie-rods
When you change the length of the lower control arm to attain the desired degree of camber, the caster also changes. To reset it you must be able to change the length of the tie-rods. Our special adjustable tie rods are almost twice the diameter of the stock version and are far less likely to bend. Remember, in addition to controlling caster, these tie-rods also control stability under braking!
Busings not included. See 31G1155 for standard rubber. WB3, C-STR628, -629, -and 631 for harder options.
Use GFK3224 for the lock nut.

Stock rod diameter is .5", these adjustable heavy duty rods are .630" diameter.

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