The data on this page relates to all Classic Minis unless specified. Major changes to suspension and steering are limited to the introduction of a new steering rack and steering arms for Mk2-on models. Mk2 steering arms have two `ears' to aid in the use of ball joint splitters; this is how they may be differentiated from Mk1 steering arms.

Very early Mk1 Minis (to around 1960) were made with 3 inch rims instead of 3.5 inch. The earliest 3 inch rims were made out of very thin steel which was soon thickened by 20 thou.

Always use matching steering racks and arms (i.e. all Mk1 or all Mk2-on).




Rack and pinion.

Steering wheel turns, lock to lock (Mk1)

2 1/3

Steering wheel turns, lock to lock (Mk2-on)


Steering wheel diameter

15 3/4 in (40 cm)

Lock angle (outer wheel at 20 degrees, Mk1)

23 degrees

Lock angle (as above, Mk2-on)

21.5 +/- 1.5 degrees


Suspension Geometry


Camber (front)

1 to 3 degrees positive

Camber (rear)

1 degree positive

Castor (front)

3 degrees

King-pin Inclination (front)

9.5 degrees

Toe (front)

1/16 in (1.6 mm) out

Toe (rear)

1/8 in (3.18 mm) in

Wheelbase (saloon and Moke)

6ft 8 5/32 in (2.036 m)

Wheelbase (van, estate, pickup)

7ft 0 5/32 in (2.138 m)

Ground clearance

6 5/32 in (15.63 cm)

Ground clearance (Moke)

6 1/2 in (16.2 cm)

Track (front, standard Mk1)

47 7/16 in (1.205 m)

Track (rear, standard Mk1)

45 7/8 in (1.164 m)

Track (front, Cooper S, 3.5 in rim)

47 17/32 in (1.207 m)

Track (rear, Cooper S, 3.5 in rim)

46 5/16 in (1.176 m)

Track (front, Cooper S, 4.5 in rim)

48 17/32 in (1.233 m)

Track (rear, Cooper S, 4.5 in rim)

47 5/16 in (1.202 m)

Turning circle (standard Mk1 saloon)

31ft 7 in (9.63 m)

Turning circle (Mk1 van, estate, pickup)

32ft 9 in (9/893 m)

Turning circle (Mk2-on saloon)

28ft 6 in (8.55 m)

Turning circle (Mk2-on van, esate, pickup)

29 ft (8.84 m)

Weight (Cooper 997cc, 998cc, rubber cone)

1,400 lb (635 kg)

Weight (Cooper 997cc, 998cc, hydrolastic)

1,433 lb (650 kg)

Weight (Cooper S, rubber cone)

1,411 lb (640 kg) approx.

Weight (Cooper S, hydrolastic)

1,540 lb (698 kg) approx.

Rear suspension arm effective length (except 13 inch wheel Moke)

11 /34 in

Rear suspension arm bushes (bore x length)

13/16 in x 1 1/4 in

Suspension - General


Type (1959-64)

Rubber cone, fully independent.

Type (1964-71 Cooper and S, 1964-68 saloon)

Hydrolastic displacers, linked front to rear.

Hydrolastic fluid capacity

2.27 litres

Hydrolastic fluid pressure (early models, unladen)

263 psi (18.49 kg/cm2)

Hydrolastic fluid pressure (later models, post approx. 1965, unladen)

282 psi (19.74 kg/cm2)

Rear radius arm bushes (reamed bore)

0.8125 to 0.8130 in (20.63 to 20.65mm)


Hydraulic Dampers


(Fitted to rubber cone suspension cars)



Tubular telescopic, front and rear


Wheels and Tyres


Wheel size (standard Mk1)

3.50B x 10

Tyre size (standard Mk1)

5.20 x 10 (crossply) or 145-10 (radial)

Pressures (standard Mk1)

  • Crossply: Front 24 psi, rear 22 psi, 24 psi all round if fully laden.

  • Radial: Front 28 psi, rear 26 psi, all models.

Wheel size (optional Cooper S)

4.5J x 10

Tyre size (standard Cooper S)

145-10 SP or 6.20-10 C41, both tubed.

Tyre size (optional Cooper S)

500L-10 (tubed)