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SU Carbs Reference Catalog & Workshop Manual Pair

SU Carbs Reference Catalog & Workshop Manual Pair

SU Carbs Reference Catalog & Workshop Manual Pair
Part No: ALT9520
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
Two manuals for one price; SU packages this very thorough reference catalog with a detailed workshop manual. The reference catalog shows diagrams, part numbers, and even prices of every SU carb ever made. Also includes a history of the S. U. company dating back to 1906. The workshop manual also covers SU fuel pumps.
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SU Reference Catalog Review
Created: February 22, 2006
The workshop manual has a wealth of information on all the various styles of SU carburetors and fuel pumps. The manual starts out with an easy to follow and very explanative summary of the basics of the SU carburetor design and functionality. The manual is well organized into sections covering the basic families of SU carbs and fuel pumps.
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Here are a selection of needles codes and the vehicle specs that they were used in...
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Created: September 08, 2000
Being an oft-voiced question on the message board, I thought I'd share it with you. Since there is already a very good source of starting points/applications for fixed needle carbs, this is for those floundering about in the wilderness that is the biased (swinging) needle example of the breed.