Needle codes for SU carbs

          Here are a selection of needles codes and the vehicle specs that they were used in...

          EB     -    850cc and rebores, 920cc, 1.25SU, 9:1 CR
          ADE    -    998cc, HIF38, Metro inlet, std filter, free flow exhaust
          ABY    -    998cc, 12G295 head, HIF-38, Stub Stack, K&N, 3 into 1, RC 40, std cam
          AAU    -    1100cc, 1.5in SU, 3into1, heated inlet, RC40, K&N
          AAA    -    1275cc, HIF38, 9.5:1CR, conical filter
          BFY    -    1275cc, HIF44, Standard Rover Cooper setup
          BEJ    -    1275cc, Standard 1.3 Metro
          AAB    -    1275cc, HIF44, LCB, Alloy inlet, RC40, K&N
          BDK    -    1275, stg1
          BDL    -    1275cc, HIF44, 9.75:1CR, MG inlet, LCB, RC40, K&N, std head
          BDL    -    1275cc MG Metro standard
          BDL    -    1293cc, HIF44, 1:10, heated inlet, LCB, K&N, stub stack
          BDL    -    1380cc, HIF44, 1:10, heated inlet, LCB, K&N, yellow spring
          BDL+   -    1310cc, HIF44, stg2 head, 276 cam, big bore exhaust
          BDL+   -    1330cc, HIF44, 11:1CR, MG inlet, LCB, RC40, K&N, 37x29, 286
          BDN    -    ?
          BDP    -    ?
          BDR    -    1380cc, HIF44, alloy in., LCB, K&N, stub stack, 285, MG Metro head.
          BBW   -    1380 with Twin 1 3/4" HIF carbs

          '+' denotes that the profile was filed at the top end slightly to richen it.

          The Axx and Bxx letters denote jet size. A for HIF38, B for HIF44. A will work in B (rich) but not vice versa.