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Intake Manifold 2.75 Long For Weber 45 Dcoe/dhla Maniflow

Intake Manifold 2.75 Long For Weber 45 Dcoe/dhla Maniflow

Intake Manifold 2.75 Long For Weber 45 Dcoe/dhla Maniflow
Part No: C-AHT777A
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
2.75" long steel intake manifold by Maniflow for Weber 45 DCOE/DHLA.
Hi, When would you use the 2.75 vs. 3.5 manifold. I will be converting from SU's to a 45 DCOE with Maniflow LCB header on a mild built street 1275. Thanks,
The very short answer is that short manifold move the torque curve up the rev range whereas long manifolds move the curve down the rev range. 

Hope this helps.
Mini Mania Tech Team
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