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Classic Austin Mini Front Lower Arm On Car Adjustable With Spherical Ends

Classic Austin Mini Front Lower Arm On Car Adjustable With Spherical Ends

Classic Austin Mini Front Lower Arm On Car Adjustable With Spherical Ends
Part No: C-AJJ3360A
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
now available for on-car adjustment !! A stock Mini will always have positive camber on the front suspension. This not only looks a bit funny and results in poor tire wear but it also compromises the handling and corning ability. "Positive" camber can be seen as well as measured- the top of the tire sticks out more than the bottom, the tire leans outward from the top. Negative camber is achieved by lenghening the lower arm to the point that the bottom of the tires is out from the car further than the top. Our one piece, forged, spherical-jointed rod end, adjustable lower arms (with joint) to allow adjustment for camber are easy to install and fit all years of the Mini - and can be easily adjusted WHILE ON THE CAR! Heat tested and crack tested. Sold in pairs only.
See also C-AJJ3060 for 'on-car' adjustables with rubber bushes and C-AJJ3364/A/B for non-adjustable, negative camber lower arms and C-AJJ3365 adjustable tie rods.
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