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Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61

Mini Countryman Flexpod Dual Gauge Kits Gen2 R60 R61
Dual Gauge Kits for your MINI COUNTRYMAN and PACEMAN! Now you can monitor the health of your engine with this quality Gauge Kit. Includes everything necessary to install the kits with no permanent modifications.

Various combinations of gauges including:

[ ] Boost Pressure
[ ] Oil Pressure
[ ] Oil Temperature
[ ] Water Temperature
[ ] Volt Meter

Fits the following models:

2011-2016 R60 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Countryman
2013-2016 R61 MINI Cooper & Cooper S Paceman

Select Gauge Combination.*

* Note: Boost gauge applicable for Cooper S Models only.

See G2NMI7330-P for 2007-2010 models and G2NMI7375-P for 2011-2013 models.

A Turn-key Solution

It has been well established that the Mini lacks vital instrumentation. We are ready to provide a kit that contains everything you will need to remedy that situation. This kit includes 2 gauges with everything required to install and mount it discretely and securely on the steering column of the MINI. As with all FlexPod products, the installation requires no permanent vehicle modification. Our high quality machined aluminum mounting parts and Marshall Instruments gauges look stock once installed. That means you'll never have a reason to remove them... but if you did, all elements can be removed without damage to your Mini.

A Preemptive Defense

Boost Gauge (Cooper S only) - Once you recognize the boost levels on your Cooper S, any changes in performance along with reduced boost pressure will alert you to a problem. Besides, it's fun to watch the boost level climb as it equates to POWER!

Oil Pressure - An oil pressure gauge can give you a lot of information about the health of your vehicle. By establishing a good baseline knowledge of your Mini's oil pressure while the car is running well, you can be alerted to any issues before they become costly problems. Low oil pressure could be a sign of a leak, worn out oil, a low oil level, high oil temperatures, or a damaged oil pump. By discovering these issues before they lead to complications or engine failure you will be much safer in a Mini that will last longer. This gauge from, Marshall Instruments, runs on a stepper motor and includes a peak recall and warning feature. With this feature, you can set your gauge ring the alarm when your oil pressure has dropped out of your desired range.

Oil Temperature and Water Temperature - since the new MINIs lack a 'real' temperature gauge, these gauges allows you to monitor the temperatures of the two most vital fluids for your engine health. It's a great tool for monitoring the engine condition when driving under extreme conditions on the track, cruising in the desert, or in stop-n-go traffic.

Volt Meter - since the new MINIs lack a Volt Meter gauge, this gauge allows you to monitor the charging system to ensure the alternator is doing it's job. You can also tell is there's an unusual drain on the system by comparing to the 'normal' voltage during charging.

All Gauge Kits requires NO permanent vehicle modifications.

Kit Includes:

1- FlexPod Bracket

2- FlexPod 52mm Gauge Cups

2- Gauge Cup Back Caps

2- Adapters for the senders

1- Additional Wiring and Wire Connectors

2- Marshall Instruments Gauges

See Conventional Gauge Kits installation instructions here.

For other Gauge Kits, see our Mini Cooper Gauge Kit Application Guide.

See all Flexpod Products here.

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