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Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F54 Clubman
Selected: Clubman F54
Part No: G3NMX6102
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)

Hitch / Receiver for the new F-Series MINI Cooper! 1 1/4" receiver allows the use of tons of attachments including bike and ski racks, and even a small trailer!

Fits the following models:

2016-2022 F54 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Clubman


  • Models with the Comfort Access option and the Auto Club Door feature - requires transfer of factory installed sensors, sensor mounting bracket and antenna to the similarly located cross bar on the hitch during installation.
  • Models with the rear PDC sensors require modifications to the sensor bracket.

These trailer receiver hitches have all been certified by Test Link Services, Inc. using SAE J684 Department of Transportation testing standards to meet a tongue weight rating of 200 lbs and a maximum tow rating of 1400 lbs. (2000 lbs for F60 Countryman). Many states require the use of a SAE J684 certified hitch for hauling and towing. These trailer receiver hitches are the only commercially available certified trailer hitch for the Mini Cooper S with a 200 lb tongue weight and 1400 lb towing weight (2000 lbs for F60 Countryman)! Get the strongest hitch here!

This hidden Hitch is custom engineered to fit specific MINI models and is one of the only hitches on the market that is hidden behind the bumper yet accessible for easy use when needed. The actual hitch is accessed through a small square hole in the rear black lower plastic fascia that will need to be cut during installation. Includes a black plug to cover the hole when not in use. 

This hidden Hitch is a heavy duty Steel assembly that mounts behind the plastic part of the MINI bumper and uses factory hardware and mounting location for a seamless and integrated look that is safe and secure and offers MINI owners the flexibility to haul, tow, attach or carry stuff they otherwise would never be able to. The hitch mounts between the large bumper support beam and the chassis. 

Accessing the hitch to insert the hitch lock pin requires reaching behind/under the plastic trim of the bumper. The first few times it will be a bit challenging to work 'blind' but it will get easier. 

Once installed, the hitch can be used to attach just about any off-the-shelf trailer, bike rack or luggage trays that have a 1-1/4" size connection. The vast majority of MINI drivers will use our hitch in conjunction with an aftermarket bike rack attachment (like Thule, Yakima, etc.). A 1-1/4" hitch connection is required and the post needs to be long enough to clear the bumper. 

The average installation time for this hitch is 1.5 to 2 hours. Add another 1 to 1.5 hours for the wiring kit.

These products are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. Product usually ships in 1-2 weeks. Delivery times may vary depending on inventory.


  • Retains functionality of backup light/ rear fog light when the receiver hitch is not in use
  • 1 1/4" Class I Receiver SAE J684 Certification – No other Cooper S receiver hitch on the market have this Certification!
  • Mounts concealed behind rear bumper
  • Powder coated black to resist rust
  • 200 lb maximum tongue weight
  • 1400 lb maximum towing capacity 
  • Packaged complete with installation instructions
  • Installs with ordinary hand tools

Click Here: For a matching  Draw Bar with a 1-7/8" Ball

If you plan to tow a small Trailer: Click here for a Custom Wiring Harness

See the Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Application Guide for more options. 

See the Mini Cooper Hitch Mount Bike Racks for bike rack options. 



Is there a 2" option. I only see the 1 1/4" option.
We do not have a 2 inch hitch option for the MINIs - only  1 1/4 inch.

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

I have a 2019 Cooper Clubman (F54) & would like to verify the model# of the 1-1/4" trailer hitch and would like to see the installation instructions, before committing to purchase.
Hitch is part number G3NMX6102 you can find sample instructions at the product page or THIS LINK
I am looking for a trailer hitchh for a 2019 mini cooper base convertible. Can you help Thanks
The G3NMX6100 is the correct hitch for your 2019 F57 MINI Cooper Convertible.

Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Gen3 F56 F55 Hardtop & F (minimania.com)

And here is the only instructions available. It is for the F56 / F55 but the procedure is identical for the F57 Cooper (the rear bumper is different)

F56_Hitch_Install.pdf (minimania.com)

Hope that helps.
Does the trailer hitch come with instructions? Is there an installation video available? Does this require cutting or drilling? Trying to gauge if this is something I can handle on my own. Thanks.
Yes, instructions are available. There may be some light trimming of the heat shield and you will need to cut a 2 inch square opening for the receiver.

An average technical skill with patience should be adequate to install the hitch.
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