Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Application Guide

Purpose of this Guide:
With all the different trailer hitches out in the marketplace, finding the right one for your MINI can be confusing.  That's why we've created this Trailer Hitch Guide with information on installation, different sizes, and which trailer hitch is made specifically for your MINI. 

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Mini Mania offers a wide range of Trailer Hitches & Wiring Kits for your MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper could be considered small by some standards but with these Do-It-Yourself Trailer Hitches you have created a industry standard square receiver that provides you any number of option. Complete range of trailer hitches for every model for the entire MINI Cooper range of cars.  Be sure to use the menu in the upper left corner of this screen to specify you make and model year. 

And to ensure you have the right trailer hitch, wiring kits and drawbars specifically made for your MINI - please find your MINI in our MINI Trailer Hitch Application Guide below. You'll find information about the different kind of hitches available to ensure you have the right trailer hitch for your MINI year, make and model, links to installation instructions and even recommendations for bike racks for your MINI.

Class 1 Hitch with the 1-1/4" Receiver

The Mini Cooper Class 1 Hitch with the 1-1/4" receiver is an excellent solution for adding a bike rack or an utility tray to the back of your MINI Cooper- and yes, you can tow a small trailer! 

The vast majority of MINI drivers will use this base Trailer Hitch in conjunction with an aftermarket bike rack attachment (like Thule, Yakima, etc.) while others hook up one of the flat extensions for luggage or autocross tires, etc.

Trailer Hitch Detail:

  • 1 1/4" Class I Receiver SAE J684 Certification
  • Mounts concealed behind rear bumper
  • Uses backup light (02-04)/ rear fog light (05-06)/ black bumper insert (05-06) opening
  • Retains functionality of backup light/ rear fog light when the receiver trailer hitch is not in use
  • Powder coated black to resist rust
  • 200 lb maximum tongue weight
  • 1400lb tow capacity on all models but Countryman which has a 2000 lb maximum towing capacity
  • Packaged complete with installation instructions
  • Installs with ordinary hand tools using existing hardware


Alternative Trailer Hitches

Hides Behind Your Bumper

These hitches are custom engineered to fit specific MINI models and is one of the only trailer hitches for MINI Coopers on the market that is hidden behind the bumper yet accessible for easy use when needed.  The hitch mounts between the large bumper support beam and the chassis.

The MINI Cooper Trailer Hitch is a heavy duty steel assembly that mounts behind the plastic part of the MINI Cooper bumper and uses factory hardware and mounting location for a seamless and integrated look that is safe and secure and offers MINI owners the flexibility to haul, tow, attach or carry stuff they otherwise would never be able to.

Accessing the Trailer Hitch

On some MINI models access to the trailer hitch is made by removing the rear fog (red) /reverse light (clear) by reaching behind the bumper and squeezing the tabs on the sides of the light housing and pushing it outward. Once the light is removed the trailer hitch can be used and the light can be reinstalled when not in use.

On other models (Clubman, Paceman and Countryman) the trailer hitch is hidden behind the license plate while on others the hitch is behind the black mesh grill in the lower bumper in which case we supply a black filler plug for use when the hitch is not being used.

Accessing the hitch to insert the hitch lock pin requires reaching behind the plastic part of the bumper and above the exhaust tips. Confirm the exhaust tips have cooled off first. The first few times it will be a bit challenging to work 'blind' but it will get easier. Accessing the hitch pin will only be required if a accessory or drawbar is added or removed.

Once installed, the hitch can be used to attach just about any off-the-shelf trailer, bike rack or luggage trays that have a 1-1/4" size connection. The vast majority of MINI drivers will use our hitch in conjunction with an aftermarket bike rack attachment (like Thule, Yakima, etc.). A 1-1/4" hitch connection is required and the post needs to be long enough to clear the bumper.



To find the trailer hitch, wiring kits and drawbars specifically for your MINI, scroll down until you find your:
  • Body Style.
  • Model year.
  • Engine type, (Cooper, Cooper S or JCW.)


Hardtop (R50) Cooper - 2002-2004 / 2005-2006


Convertible (R52) Cooper - 2005-2008  

NON-S Model

Cooper S Model - With  / Without Rear Fog or Backup Light

Hardtop (R53) Cooper S - 2002-2006  

With  / Without Rear Fog or Backup Light

Clubman (R55) Cooper, Cooper S & JCW - 2008-2014

Hardtop (R56)  

Cooper – 2007 - 2010


Cooper S – 2007 - 2010

JCW - 2007-2013

Cooper – 2011 - 2013

Cooper S – 2011 - 2013



Convertible (R57)  Models


Cooper (Non S) - 2007-2010

Without Rear Fog or Backup Light

Cooper S - 2007-2010


JCW - 2009-2015


Cooper (Non S) - 2011-2015


Cooper S - 2011-2015

Coupe (R58) 

Cooper (Non-S) - 2007-2010

Without Rear Fog or Backup Light


Cooper S - 2012-2015


JCW - 2012-2015 



Roadster (R59)


Cooper (Non-S) - 2012-2015 



Cooper S - 2012-2015 


JCW - 2012-2015 


 Countryman (R60) Cooper, Cooper S & JCW - 2011-2016



 Paceman (R61) Cooper, Cooper S & JCW - 2013-2016



Clubman (F54) Cooper & Cooper S - 2016+ 



 Hardtop (F55 4-Door) Cooper & Cooper S - 2015+



Hardtop (F56) Cooper & Cooper S - 2014+ 


Clubman (F57) Cooper & Cooper S - 2016+ 

Countryman (F60) Cooper & Cooper S - 2016+ 

Trailer Hitch Installation Instructions

For detailed instructions pertaining to your specific MINI model, please see our "Trailer Hitch Instruction Guides"

Wiring Kit Detail:

  • Standard 4 plug connector
  • Active tail converter that functions without applying additional loads to the MINI's wiring or computer
  • Takes power from a direct feed from the battery with 10 amp fuse
  • Takes 3 brake and stop signals (left turn, right turn, stop) and converts to two light signal on trailer lights (left turn and stop, right turn and stop)
  • Includes all required wiring, connectors, and detailed installation instructions

Drawbar Detail:

  • 1 1/4” Class I drawbar with 2” drop
  • Includes 1 7/8” ball
  • Tow chain hooks included
  • 1/2" pin and clip included
  • All stored in an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mini Cooper trunk mounted tool bag
  • Draw bar bag uses clips and mounts in boot of car when not in use

MINI Specific Model notes:

  • 2002 – 2004 Mini Cooper and MINI Cooper S Trailer Hitch - Uses backup light opening
  • 2005 – 2006 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S Hardtop - Uses rear fog light/ black bumper insert opening for access
  • 2005 – 2008 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S Convertible - Uses rear fog light/ black bumper insert opening for access
  •  2007 - 2010 Mini Cooper (non S), 2009 - 2010 Mini Cooper (non S) Convertible - Uses black bumper insert opening for access  / CANNOT BE USED WITH REAR FOG LIGHT EQUIPPED 2007-2010 MINI COOPER (non S) and Convertible
  • 2007 - 2010 Mini Cooper S, 2009 - 2010 Mini Cooper S Convertible Trailer Hitch - Uses small opening cut into rear black plastic valence in rear bumper
  • 2008 - 2010 Mini Cooper Clubman and Clubman S - Uses small opening cut into rear bumper/license plate holder BEHIND license plate - License Plate covers access hole for receiver trailer hitch


  • Bike Rack Recommendations

For Bike Racks to fit the 1-1/4" Trailer Hitch Receiver, see Mini Cooper Bike Racks Yakima 1-1/4" Hitch Mount.
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