The Bike Rack for the Mini Cooper is one of the most popular accessory for the active Mini Cooper owner.  Depending on your preference, budget, and body style of your MINI, there are many different solutions.  Different 'Types' are discussed below, following the Mini Cooper Bike Rack Application Guide. 
Read our article A Guide To Knowing All About Mini Cooper Bike Racks, for an explanation about the different types.

And if you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to answer any question you might have.

Find The Bike Rack For Your MINI Cooper: 

Select your car type below for the bike rack made for you.

  • MINI R50 Hatchback
  • MINI R52 Convertible
  • MINI R53 Convertible
  • MINI R55 Clubman
  • MINI R56 Hatchback
  • MINI R57 Convertible
  • MINI R58 Coupe
  • MINI R59 Roadster
  • MINI R60 Countryman
  • MINI R61 Paceman
  • MINI F54 Clubman
  • MINI F55 Hatchback
  • MINI F56 Hatchback
  • MINI F57 Convertible
  • MINI F60 Countryman

NOTE:  Yakima Roof Mount Bike Racks can be used on the Factory Roof Rack, but the Factory Roof Mount Bike Racks can only be used on the Factory Roof Rack .

For the Rear Mount and Hitch Mount 'hanging type' Bike Racks, the Yakima Tube Top Bike Adapter Bar simplifies loading and off-loading ladies bikes with the low center bar, or for mountain bikes with full suspensions. It is also effective on standard frames by keeping weight off the center bar.


mini cooper roof mount bike rack
The Roof Mount Bike rack attaches to the base roof rack and will vary depending on whether your MINI has the factory roof rack or the Yakima roof rack.    Base Roof Rack is available separately - see our Mini Cooper Roof Rack Application Guide.

The Roof Mount Bike Rack provides versatility and leaves the back of your MINI free from clutter allowing full access to the rear hatch.  If you already have the base roof rack, you can attach many different accessories, not just for bikes.  The only drawback is the need to lift the bike onto the roof (in addition to requiring the base roof rack).  Some Bike Holders require the removal of the front wheel, others do not.

Allows full access to rear of car Requires Roof Rack Base Carrier (additional cost)
Versatile - roof rack allows other modules Need to lift bike onto roof

  • Yakima Roof Mount Bike Racks can be used on the Factory Roof Rack, but the Factory Roof Mount Bike Racks can only be used on the Factory Base Roof Rack .
  • REMEMBER to check clearance when entering any structures such a home garage or parking structures!!!


mini cooper trunk mount bike rack
The Rear Mount Bike racks are removable 'Hatch Mount' type racks that are easily installed or removed as needed. 

The Rear Mount Bike rack is the least expensive solution allowing for easy loading and unloading of the bikes.  A single rack can hold 2 or 3 bikes depending on the product.  The  drawback is limited access to the rear hatch, and you won't be able to use the rear wiper with the bike rack attached.  The rear hatch cannot be opened with the bikes loaded.  Even when the bikes are removed, it is not recommended that you open the hatch when the rack is attached.  The Rear Mount Bike Rack can easily be removed in a matter of minutes when not in use.

 Low cost  Restricts access to rear
 Easy to install and remove  Can't use rear wiper


mini cooper hitch mount bike rack
The Hitch Mount Bike rack fits the standard 1 1/4" receiver (or 2" for some) and comes in many varieties.    Hitch mount Bike Rack requires the installation of the Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch (available separately) - see our  Mini Cooper Trailer Hitch Application Guide.  There are many brands of hitch mount bike racks available and we list some Yakima solutions for your convenience.

The Hitch mount option offers versatility.  Once you have the hitch, you can install the hitch mounted bike rack or other hitch mount accessories to hold many different items.  The Hitch Mount Bike racks can also 'swivel down' so you can open the rear hatch without restriction when the bikes are off-loaded.  You can also easily remove the hitch mount bike rack when not in use.  The only drawback is the additional cost of the hitch.  You can even tow a small trailer with the hitch!

 Allows access to rear hatch (with most bike racks)  Requires hitch receiver (additional cost)
 Versatile - hitch allows other modules  Some racks can be heavy and bulky when installing