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Classic Mini KYB Shock Absorber Kit | Front & Rear

Classic Mini KYB Shock Absorber Kit | Front & Rear

Classic Mini KYB Shock Absorber Kit | Front & Rear
Part No: MMKT0128
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
The design intent of a shock absorber is to help keep the tire in contact with the road during adverse road conditions. If your car keeps hopping or moving without your direction after you hit a bump in the road, you are sure to need new shocks. The "KYB" brand of shocks is a world respected shock for quality and durability. This kit includes all four stock type shocks in an easy to install kit.

This kit includes 2 each of 442001 and 2 each of 442002

Find more KYB Shocks

Would this shocks fit my 1993 MKVII 1.3i
These will fit all Classic Minis from 1959-2000.

Hope this helps.
Mini Mania Tech Team
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