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Zimmerman cross-drilled Brake Rotors are manufactured in Germany to exceptional standards of quality.
For your 1st generation MINI Cooper and Cooper S models including R50 & R53 Hardtop R52 Convertible.
Zimmerman Cross Drilled Brake Rotor MINI Cooper Cooper S R50 R52 R53 Gen1

Zimmerman Cross Drilled Brake Rotor MINI Cooper Cooper S R50 R52 R53 Gen1

Zimmerman Cross Drilled Brake Rotor MINI Cooper Cooper S R50 R52 R53 Gen1
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Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors are manufactured in Germany to exceptional standards of quality. Sold in pairs, front or rear set.


2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Select front or rear.

Note: MINIs switched the wheel bolt size from M12x1.5 to M14x1.25 with production in July 2006. These brake rotors will work with both bolt sizes.

BMW performance cars are famed for the quality of their brakes, but many owners want to go even further with their cars. Zimmerman rotors are made for exceptional stopping power on BMW MINIs.

Serious drivers and car enthusiasts know that braking is just as important as accelerating in getting around the track or down a windy road. Cross-drilled rotors allow heat to escape more quickly than conventional rotors, resisting fading and uneven wear. These rotors will help your MINI stay effective on the street or on the track much longer than the stock brakes.

Other cross-drilled brake rotors are often not heat-treated after drilling, leaving sharp edges that decrease brake pad life. Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors feature holes with edges that increase pad life and prevent cracking of the rotors. The holes also provide a visual wear inspection for the life of the rotor.

Priced per pair.

Torque specifications:

Front :
disc to hub (torx) : 27 nm
caliper to steering knuckle : 110 nm
guide bolt (7mm) : 25-30 nm
dust shield : 8 nm

Rear :
disc to hub : 27 nm
caliper to trailing arm : 65 nm
guide bolt : 25-30 nm

If your brake wear warning light is illumninated, see replacement sensors.

Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. See ATE Performance Brake Fluid for replacement brake fluid. ATE Type 200 Amber is a high quality performance fluid that will last much longer than the standard DOT4 fluid. This is an ABS friendly fluid.

ATE® Type 200 Amber Fluid has a dry boiling point of 536F and a wet boiling point of 396F which far exceeds standard brake fluids meeting the DOT 4 requirements. This fluid is NOT SILICONE and is compatible with conventional brake fluid. 100% synthetic fluid is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes and yet very suitable for daily driving.

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