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MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004

MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake Afe Gen1 R50 Cooper 2002-2004
Part No: NME2025
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Alternate Products
K&N Typhoon Performance Air Intake Kit Red | - MINI Cooper R50 R52 Non-S
$429.99 K&N Typhoon Performance Air Intake Kit Red | - MINI Cooper R50 R52 Non-S
Increase performance AND economy in your MINI . This high flow cold air intake system improves engine efficiency by reducing intake restrictions. Better efficiency results in more power and improved economy. Of course, 'improved fuel economy' implies that you drive conservatively - which may be difficult with the improved power!

Fits 2002-2004 R50 MINI Cooper Hatchback (non-S) with Manual Transmission.

The 2002-2004 version is 50-state legal (CARB E.O Number D-550-2).

See installation instructions here.

See 99-5000 for the Filter Maintenance kit.

AFE's high performance, high flow OE air filter replaces the restrictive factory paper filters and lets your engine breathe better. Paper filters do a good job in keeping dirt out but can clog easily so that they need to be replaced frequently. Foam filters also clog easily. A washable/reusable, cotton gauze filter like AFE's allows more airflow and is washable and reusable. The filters are built to let the engine breathe better even as the filter gets dirty. The multiple layers of cotton gauze are sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated aluminum screen and pleated like a lamp shade. Have you ever looked at cotton gauze under a microscope? It has tiny micro fibers branching out from the strands. When the gauze is oiled like these filters are, these strands attract dirt and dust particles. One or two layers would allow dirt and dust particles to pass through, therefore they stack multiple layers with progressively tighter mesh to catch progressively smaller and smaller particles, as small as 2 microns in size. The aluminum screen holds the layers in place and protects the cotton gauze.

AFE designs their filters differently than other cotton gauze filters. They design their filters to have the tallest pleats that the factory air box will allow. There two reasons for this: 1) Taller pleats mean more filter material to hold the dirt and 2) Taller pleats mean that the pleats can be spaced out more to let more air through. They also have a different pleat geometry than others. See the rounded tips like a dolphin's nose? Others are more triangular and pointed. This rounded design allows the air to flow more efficiently around the tops of the pleats. Not only that, because it is rounded, the pleats aren't tightly pinched and let air flow through the tops and bottom of the pleats. These features allow the filters to breathe better.

AFE uses 100% engineering grade polyurethane which is more flexible and will seal better in today's plastic and fiberglass factory air boxes. To make sure that the filter stands up over the life of your vehicle, they have urethane on all four sides of the filter, not just on the open ends. The polyurethane stands up to high engine temperatures and engine chemicals better that the plastomers that the factory filters use.

Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc. (AFE) produces high flow, high performance air filters and intake systems for the automotive industry. founded in April, 1999, AFE was created to address an obvious need in the automotive aftermarket industry: a lack of choice for a high performance aftermarket air filter. They are a team of engineers, machinists, production and sales people who believe in the product they design. They have years of experience in their positions and work together to ensure that the have the best product on the market. Their purpose is not just to be another vendor that offers air filters, so they pay attention to those finer details that set an AFE filter apart from the competition.

* Increases horsepower & torque.
* Maximizes airflow for better acceleration and responsiveness
* Improved performance results in greater fuel efficiency
* Installs in less than 60 minutes using factory mounting points
* No cutting or drilling to engine compartment is required
* Replaces OE air filter with high flow high performance 360 degree radial flow air filter
* Washable/reusable air filter with the deepest pleats in the industry is the largest possible in the space allowed
* Replaces factory air box with a heat-blocking shield that seals to the hood
* Limited lifetime warranty

Some Intakes Kits are not legal for street use in California and other states adopting California emission standards while others are CARB exempt and 50 state legal. This product is not CARB exempt.


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