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MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen1 R50 R52 R53 Hardtop & Convertible

MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen1 R50 R52 R53 Hardtop & Convertible

MINI Cooper Satin White Magnetic Bonnet Stripes Gen1 R50 R52 R53 Hardtop & Convertible
Selected: MINI Cooper Racing Stripes Satin White pair
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
These Magna Guard SATIN WHITE Magnetic Bonnet Stripes are high quality removable bonnet stripes for your BMW MINI Cooper & S. Now you can change the personality of your MINI to suit your mood!  Stripes are 4.0" wide - Sold in pairs.

Fits the following models:

2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertibles

For the Checkered pattern, see NMX4075.

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Following two years of extreme weather testing and constant badgering by Mini owners, these unique Magna Guard magnetic hood stripes are finally available.

Constructed of 0.030" magnetic vinyl, they are available in white or checkered flag graphics. Tested at over 120 miles per hour, they are precut for the BMW Mini Cooper & S.

These magnetic bonnet stripes can be easily shortened with scissors to fit Classic Minis as well. Stripes may be removed, swapped, waxed etc. at the owner's discretion.

As with any product used on the finish of your car, take extra care that the bonnet is very clean and free from dust and dirt before application. Remove if the car gets wet for drying - reinstall when everything is dry and clean.


1. Make sure that hood is clean, dry, and preferably protected with a good quality wax.
2. Make sure that stripes are dust free prior to installation.
3. Position stripes even with rear edge of hood. Allow 1/2" from windshield washer nozzles and 9 inches from center of MINI crest.
4. Do not allow water to be trapped under stripes. Remove before washing vehicle and after exposure to rain.
5. Dry and store stripes flat or on a magnetic, vertical surface (refrigerator, toolbox) when not in use.
6. Stripes may be trimmed with scissors to fit early (non-BMW) Minis.

For those with concerns about the stripes affecting the finish, here are some comments from customers: "LOVE my magnetic stripes. NO problem with them flying off or scratching the paint. I ONLY put them on after I've cleaned up the mini... and enjoy them a few days and take them off when I'm not in the mood."


"I clean both the paint and the magnetic side of the badge very carefully with detailing spray and a microfiber. I also store the magnets very carefully to avoid extra dirt or scratches on the magnetic surface (the side that touches the paint). I've never seen any scratches/dullness."


"i had magnetic stone guards on there before i put on the aero kit, and I've had badges on either side of the license plate on the boot, AND on the 1/4 panel, no issues. Keep the car clean, wash under them and the magnet itself, no worries..."

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6 of 6 other people found the following review helpful
Checkered Magnets
I bought these magnets about 5 years ago. They lasted 5 years on my hood and actually protected my the car. They stayed put and I'm now buying a second pair. In the sun and other elements, they buckled a bit where they bend the most and white became stained. Overall, I was really happy with them.
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6 of 6 other people found the following review helpful
Product was great but only one complaint
When it first arrived i was a little worried that the material was not going to hold on well to the car. I did have to put something to stop it from rolling back up again but that wasn't a big deal (i just left something on top of it over night). putting it on was very easy, just clean the area well an lay down the strip. the fitment was pretty much dead on and easy to fix. Now the only complaint that i did have was that after putting it on it wouldn't stay down just right. the material kept coming back up and not sticking to the hood correctly. But instead of returning it i decided to let it sit for a couple of days to see if anything would change. After a week worth of rain it still wouldn't go down but the strip still held on. Now after 2 days in the burning sun it finally decided to soften up and go with the curve of the hood and it looks great. My advice to anyone planning on buying this would be to keep it in the sun for a couple of days, and if you live in a colder part of the word you should try applying some heat to the strip.
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