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Russell Engineering 998 +.080 Flat Top Piston Set With Rings & Pins

Russell Engineering 998 +.080 Flat Top Piston Set With Rings & Pins

Russell Engineering 998 +.080 Flat Top Piston Set With Rings & Pins
Selected: +.080" oversize piston set
Part No: RE-A1118-80
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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Single Piston Ring Set, 998 +.080 Russell Piston
$29.98 Single Piston Ring Set, 998 +.080 Russell Piston
998 Flat-top Piston Set. This modern piston are flat top with oil holes rather than slots behind the rings and are suitable for up to 12:1 compression. The flat top design will yield a compression of about 9.6:1 when used with a Cooper cylinder head.

These pistons replace the original Hepolite pistons 18516KR and P20950 used on the original Coopers.

From Russell Engineering in Australia, these 998cc pistons are +.080 oversized, or 2.622" (66.60mm). These are high quality, three ring, flat top pistons. They come complete with pins and rings. Pin-height (distance from top of piston to center of wrist pin) is 1.333".

When boring a small bore engine to .080" oversize or larger, it is no longer necessary to 'notch' the block for exhaust valve clearance in order to fit a 1275 head with the standard valve sizes (1.31" intake, 1.15" exhaust).  for replacement rings use  RS-A1118-80RNGS .
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