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Hello, I have a 1960 Morris truck I'm going to restore. I'm going to be in Auburn CA about the 3rd of August and I have a whole list of body panels I would like to buy from you. I'm hoping to save on the shipping cost. DO you have a store in Nevada city I can buy these parts from you when I'm in that area.
Yes, we're located in Nevada City. However, we don't generally keep a lot of sheet metal on hand as most is ordered as we get orders for panels. Also, the Pick up being a bit special and fairly rare, most of those panels would need to ordered ahead regardless.   It would be best to order now and we can see what's available.

Morris Mania Tech Team

The Morris Minor Parts and Accessories Experts

I have an early 90s spi mini and I'm wanting to get new door skins, I'm not sure which are the correct ones. I also know they make different quality ones as well I'm looking for the best fitment possible... hope you can help.
The Genuine Outer Door is going to be the best fit - with minimal "work" to get perfect fitment, as they are using the original dies for stamping.