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I've recently fitted adjustable hi-lows to my rear suspension to lower and even out the ride height. When the car is jacked and the shock absorber is at full open extension (40cm) the new struts are loose and could fall out. I'm looking for a shorter rear shock absorber when fully open (30-35cm) that is more likely to stop the radius arm dropping so low to avoid any potential pop-outs and subsequent damage when driving. Can you help?

It's very rare that you will ever see full suspension unloading in a street-driven car. Perhaps if the car was airborne you could see it... but typically the strut rods will seat themselves within a few miles of driving and they'll never fall out. If the car is very low, you may want to consider some shorter shocks for lowered cars such as the C-STN237 GAZ shocks. 


The other option, and the one we use in the race cars (for other reasons*) is to install a rubber bump stop from in the location used in the wet suspension cars - such as part number 21A1517. This will require drilling a hole in the dry suspension subframe to mount (see the diagram in catalog on the product page for how they mount) - they can be shimmed to get the correct droop amount. 

*This isn't to prevent the strut rod from falling out - it's for suspension tuning with sway bars - even of the very low race cars, the strut rod will never come out.

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