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Hello, Can you tell me the torque specs for timing chain /oil pump cover? Thank you

11 14 Case Covers

Tightening Torques

  Type Thread Tightening specification Torque
1AZ Timing case cover to crankcase (Torx)
W10/W11 M6   12 Nm
2AZ Deflection pulley to timing case cover
W11 M8   45 Nm
3AZ Timing case cover to crankcase (oval head)
W10/W11 M8   18 Nm
4AZ Timing case to crankcase
  M6   12 Nm
Someone broke this trim in a parking lot. Will I be able to replace the broken reflector with a new one myself? Thanks, Rich
You will need to loosen the inner fender liner near the arch light so you can access the back side of the light. The light module is held on with a single nut on a plastic stud. Once you remove the nut, you can pull the light module out of the wheel arch so you can unplug the connector to remove the light module.