Learn About Quicksilver Exhaust Installation

(A word about the following translation - like most videos, it makes more sense WATCHING than it does reading.  We've include all the dialogue in this video, even the side bars that came up during the Quicksilver Exhausts installation.  So, please read with care and understanding.)

BRENDAN: Hi Gang, it's Brendan from Mini Mania again and today we are going to be at A.J.’s Superior Automotive where we are going to install a Quicksilver Exhaust on our MINI R58 Coupe.  We’re going to get it up in the air in just a moment and we’ll have A.J. fit the exhaust on.  Then we'll give you a taste of what it sounds like when we're done. All right, hang in there.

AJ: This is the easiest way to do these, just like that  (A.J. fits the exhaust onto the car.)  ... then come back with some pliers or something else to get ‘em right. They actually have a special tool just for doing this.

BRENDAN: Yeah, I’ll bet they do! They’ve got tools for just about every last little operation.

AJ: Kind of something like that, but bigger.

BRENDAN: Aha, just so it spreads it apart.

AJ: 16 Millimeter... Hot.

BRENDAN: A little Hot!

AJ: Heh, heh, heh.

BRENDAN: We’ve already removed these two hangers and we have the rear of the exhaust system supported by a transmission stand, over here.

BRENDAN: And it’s out.

BRENDAN: And we’re free... That’s the reason why we left these front ones still attached.

BRENDAN: Ready for a new system.

OK-so now we're going to get to fitting our Quicksilver Exhaust System, made in the U.K. These hangers will take some muscling ‘cause the hangers that are actually on the Quicksilver are bigger than they are on the Stock Exhaust... more robust, you’ll see a difference.

OK, so we're just going to fit the second pipe, attaches with a clamp here.

OK. Here's the Exhaust System, all we've got to do is just tighten clamps. That's what it looks like, and in a minute, you'll get to hear what it sounds like.


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