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Some would argue that British cars were there at the beginning of racing and had a dominate influence in Vintage Racing due to its early efforts to race anything and everything.

Early mass produced British sports cars were easy to find and inexpensive. Cars from MG, Morris and Austin were all raced and actually became the fodder for many purpose built race cars of the '60's.  The British cottage industry thrived on everyone making exactly what he thought was the best race car.  Thus many of the components used in productions cars were easy choice for the many car craftsmen. 

The venerable Sprite/Midget gearbox is perhaps one of the most common. This 3 sync 4 speed transmission has found itself in many formula Juniors and limited production sports racing cars.  The original gearbox had wide ratio, helical cut gears in it. Later more sporty applications had a closer ratio set of Helical gears.

Eventually the factory by means of the "Special Tuning" department eventually developed a straight cut even close ratio set of gears that optimized it all. These same gear sets are now available made with modern technology and modern materials to take the ever increasing power being put thru them.

Engines, differentials and suspensions from one car or another were also some of the components often used in numerous race cars.  

Mini Mania has been building and racing British race cars for 40+ years and thus brings real world experience to the effort to help other enjoy the sport of Vintage Racing.  If you're serious about your racing, then talk to the experts who are serious about building custom designed racing parts.  Give us a call and let us provide you with racing parts designed to put you in the winner's circle.

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