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Straight Cut Close Ratio Ribcase Gearset Sprite & Midget

Straight Cut Close Ratio Ribcase Gearset Sprite & Midget

Straight Cut Close Ratio Ribcase Gearset Sprite & Midget
Part No: C-AJJ3319
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Sprite & MG Midget

The stock ribcase gearbox of any Sprite and Midget can be transformed into a superb racing box with the installation of straight cut gears! Not only does the straight cut design provide more strength and take significantly less power to drive but the ratios of the various gears are ideal for high performance racing! Yes, the nature of straight cut gears is that they are louder than the stock helical, but if you are racing you shouldn't care about noise, only performance. This gear set when installed will make a 948cc engine feel almost like a 1275, and a 1275 will feel like a 1500! You can always be on the proper power band of any motor! The gearset can be fitted to any ribcase that originally used the 22G1100 laygear. The first gear and the reverse gear in the stock box is retained. The installation of these gears is often done at home but it is better left to the experts. GSK106 is the gasket set to use if you do it yourself! Mini Mania can supply either just the gearset or can provide you with a ready to race gearbox.

Ratio Comparison: Stock  vs. (S/C Close ratio):

1st: 3.2 (2.573):1

 2nd:  1.916(1.722 ):1

3rd: 1.357 (1.255):1

 4th 1.0 (1.0):1


I have a 1965 Midget vintage racer and need a set of straight-cut gears for the gearbox. If you carry these, can you advise where they are manufactured and the price?
We do offer a close-ratio straight-cut gearset on our site as part number C-AJJ3319 These come from our supplier in the UK, I do not know the manufacturer country. 

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

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