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Austin Mini Distributor 59d Electronic Type 1275 Engines

Austin Mini Distributor 59d Electronic Type 1275 Engines

Austin Mini Distributor 59d Electronic Type 1275 Engines
Selected: 59D A+ Electronic Distributor With Vac Advance
Part No: ADU3825MS
SALE Price $166.46
List: $184.95 You save: $18.49
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Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Negative ground only -  A+ 59D for any 1275cc with vac unit with modern day driving curves and petrol available. Distributors can 'work' long past their useful life! Replacing points and condensor is NOT rebuilding a distributor. If you want to get the most from the performance of your engine a very good distributor is a must! Replaces any metro 1275cc engine in a Mini or Metro--See ADU3825 for Type with contact breakers.
Do you have Austin 1300 45d distributor?
Yes, we do.  The most common one we sell and use is the PSD5 it's an electronic unit that is direct fit - we also sell it in a kit with wires and new coil - MMKT0717

Mini Mania Tech Team
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