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Mini Cooper RA01 Track Day Brake Pads for Brembo GT BBK Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper RA01 Track Day Brake Pads for Brembo GT BBK Gen3 F56 F55 F57

Mini Cooper RA01 Track Day Brake Pads for Brembo GT BBK Gen3 F56 F55 F57
Selected: RA01 Track Day pads
Part No: G3NMB2056
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)

RA01 Brake Pads for the Brembo Grand Turismo GT, GT-S, and GT-R Front Big Brake Systems. The RA01 is a racing pad that is specifically formulated to have low wear, consistent performance, and a high amount of “feel”. 

The RA01 provides a low wear rate in comparison to other standard material race pads. This allows for the customer to change pads less frequently as they would with other similar pads and due to the low wear rate the RA01 is brake disc friendly by maintaining the disc’s optimal life. Providing a good level of overall performance, feel, and modulation the RA01 is highly suitable for a wide range of environments from hard street, track days/DEs, to professional racing.

Image shown is a representative image and is not the actual product. 

Fits the following models with the Brembo GT Big Brake Kit, GT-S Big Brake Kit, or GT-R Big Brake Kit:

2014-2022 F56 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2022 F55 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2022 F57 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible


  • Good initial response that will not upset the balance of the car or trigger ABS (depending on chassis).
  • Comparable pad wear to other track day pads on the market.
  • High amount of feel, control, and modulation.
  • Low disc temperatures and disc wear compared to other racing pads while offering a higher level of performance and consistency.
  • Lower Caliper temperatures result in better service life of the brake system (less demand on the seals and fluid).
  • Very consistent performance throughout the life of the pad.
  • Pad material allows for easier bedding and reduced bedding time.
  • Very low noise and low temperature disc wear for a racing pad.
  • When used with RE10/RA70 front pads, the RA01 can be an excellent rear pad option in the case of excessive rear braking power.


  • Pads will potentially wear the discs under street driving conditions since they have an operating temperature of racing pads.
  • These are race pads and can produce some noise and dust.
  • Pad wear is quicker than the RE10 Ultra Endurance pad.

Notes for Racing Brake Pad usage

  • Running a "racing use only" pad on the street could produce excessive noise and dust.
  • Disc wear could be accelerated if driven at cold temperatures or used in the incorrect temperature range.
  • Racing pads are designed to work in specific temperature ranges so it is important to choose the desired compound for the correct environment the vehicle will be used in.
  • Pad Compounds are run on a brake dynamometer over multiple brake applications (stops) to test the materials in a controlled environment for the most accurate data.
  • Wear rates and temperatures can be influenced by car setup, grip levels, track layout/configuration and many other variables. 

These brake pads are NOT compatible with the stock Cooper S or JCW brakes.

Brembo Grand Turismo GT Big Brake Kit
Brembo Grand Turismo GT-S Big Brake Kit
Brembo Grand Turismo GT-R Big Brake Kit


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